Is she out of your league?

Is She Out Of Your League?   Due to dating norms, a lot of men underestimate their attractiveness and a lot of women overestimate their attractiveness. What this means is most guys have thought, “she is out of your league”, unless they were born into Royalty or worth millions without […]

Is she out of your league?

Monogamish Lifestyle – one couple living the fantasies

Living the Monogamish Lifestyle A few months ago I posted an article discussing the points of being “monogamish”, or participating in a monogamish lifestyle, which could help with relationships and marriage.   Since then, I actually spoke with a couple online who, after reading my article, are sharing how they […]

Monogamish Lifestyle

Joys of Self Discovery

My Joys of Self-Discovery

My joys of Self-Discovery A short story how one woman went camping with a group of friends, and discovered for herself things she wasn’t anticipating. The end result? She came away with a new boyfriend.   I grew up in a family that loved the outdoors, so it makes sense […]

10 Things Women Want

10 Things Women Want This article will cover 10 things women want that keeps girls happy and either keep coming back into your life, or wanting to continue to be with you if you’re already in some kind of relationship with them.   There are vast differences between the sexes […]

10 Things women want

Qualities Every Man Wants in a Sexual Relationship

Qualities Every Man Wants in a Sexual Relationship

Qualities Every Man Wants in a Sexual Relationship   Today I wanted to share with women the qualities every man wants in a sexual relationship. Men aren’t complicated in this respect although it seems like women make us out to be. But the truth is, most guys are a little […]

The night that changed everything

A fictitious story about what happened between a couple having sex and a stranger after a party at their place. When the reality of the situation hits, it’s too late to go back to the way things were. It’s the night that changed everything.   Some time ago I was […]

The Monogamish

The “monogamish” relationship – is it for you?

The “monogamish” relationship – is it for you? Monogamish, initially coined by Dan Savage, came about because the modern monogamous marriage is facing a time of crisis. This crisis knows no geographical bounds, affecting young and old couples alike with divorce rates are hovering above 40% in many areas of […]

Sharing Sexual Fantasies

Sharing Sexual Fantasies Taking time for sharing sexual fantasies with your spouse or partner can be a great way to spice up your sex life. It’s teasing, great foreplay, intimate, and can definitely reignite any fires which are burning low.   “Some of the best moments in life are ones […]

Sharing Sexual Fantasies

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 16

If you’ve missed my previous dating women horror episode, be sure to catch up. Challenged to dating outside your type I met “Rebecca” online when my friends, who were thoroughly enjoying but sympathetic to my ridiculous dating experiences, suggested I try “dating outside your type; someone whom you normally wouldn’t […]