Qualities Every Man Wants in a Sexual Relationship

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Qualities Every Man Wants in a Sexual Relationship


Today I wanted to share with women the qualities every man wants in a sexual relationship. Men aren’t complicated in this respect although it seems like women make us out to be. But the truth is, most guys are a little more predictable in that we just want a great sex life that’s sweet, spicy, and still occasionally surprising.


Sounds easy, right?


To make the bedroom a sexual sanctuary, and without further ado, here are the qualities every man wants in a sexual relationship.



Okay, maybe younger guys in their early 20’s don’t appreciate it as much, but truth be told, guys love the slow build as much as the crescendo.

Qualities Every Man Wants in a Sexual Relationship. Take the initiative!

Take the initiative! Because if you like the heat but never light the match, we’ll wonder if you prefer the cold.

Don’t be fooled by the movies or your past experiences with the young studs who are always horny and ready to screw like RIGHT NOW.


That’s true then, but not so much once men hit their dirty-thirties.


Sexy Lingerie

We know women like to wear it to turn us on. We get that. We really appreciate it.


Even if it appears we barely notice while ripping it off.


But let me tell you ladies — if we’re ripping it off, congratulate yourself as it has had the desired effect that we want you to have on us.


To See You Take the Initiative

Make the first move ladies. Guys are happy to do so, and if you don’t, we will. But it gets boring if we have to do it more often than not.


For guys, it’s much more rewarding when we know and get the occasional glimpse of how eager you are too! Because no matter how much you seem to enjoy the heat, if you never light the match, we will wonder if you prefer the cold.

Qualities Every Man Wants in a Sexual Relationship. Spontaneity!

Be spontaneous to keep mixing things up! Men will love it.


With initiative, men also enjoy spontaneity. You see, every couple will fall into a rut at some stage, even if it’s a temporary one. So don’t be afraid to change things and mix it up!


If you’ve fallen into a pattern, make sure to get yourself doing something you wouldn’t normally do. Be open to variety.


If you always have sex at night, start something in the middle of the day.


If you always do oral or intercourse, do the opposite, or even sex without penetration.


If you always do it in bed, try the kitchen table. Just be sure to clean it down before dinner.


If you’re at a party, take him into a back bedroom or closet.


It really is that simple for us. To ignite our anticipation, drop some spicy, but subtle hints that you’re ready for us.


Dirty Talk

This always seems easier in the movies doesn’t it? You might not feel comfortable with that kind of speak.


That’s okay. We understand.


At the very least, give us some encouraging moans, or somehow indicate we’re on the right track.


You would be surprised at how many variations of the phrase, “oh my gawd yes!” you can let out with different points of inflection and stressed syllables.


Trust me on this one. I’d do the math to show you, but seriously… math and bedroom topics just don’t mix.


To Hear Our Name in Your Throes of Passion

It will keep us in the moment and further stimulate our minds.

Enthusiasm trumps everything!


Use, but don’t over-use, that to your advantage!


“Oh my gosh Dave yes! That’s it! That’s it!” (Oh look! There’s another ‘variation’ to that phrase 🙂 )


He Wants to Watch

For men, what they see is almost as good as what they get, so make sure to give him an eyeful.


Lead him over to a mirror so you can watch yourselves in action.


Or throw yourself on top so he can lay there and let his eyes totally devour the way your body moves.


He’ll find it sexy, and what will make it hotter for him is it demonstrates how into it you are.


For You To Be Naughty

Even if you’re a bad girl at heart, you might hold back with your guy. I think women are often afraid to get naughty in a relationship because they don’t want to shatter any “good girlfriend” image he has or they don’t want their man to think/assume bad things about her.

Qualities Every Man Wants in a Sexual Relationship. Be Naughty!

Be naughty with us.

Men do want to see that no-holds-barred side of you; they just don’t want to offend you by asking for it.


What dirty-girl tricks fit the bill? Pretty much anything that shows him how much you like sex and how much you want it with him. Even simple things like grabbing his butt hard, pulling him into you when he’s climaxing, and telling him to give you every last drop will do it.


Or privately taking him to a back bedroom or closet at a party (hmmm… where have you read that before?)


You might think you’re a handful when you’re naughty, but remember, we have two hands.


A Sense of Humor

Simply said, if you can’t laugh or don’t laugh at least once with the person you’re having sex with, you’re having sex with the wrong person.


Things don’t always go smoothly during sex — some positions don’t work; odd noises do happen; there are times when things just go completely wrong.

 You might think you’re a handful when you’re naughty, but remember, we have two hands.

When anything like that does happen, it can either be hilarious, or devastating.


Being able to laugh together either way makes the difference.



I put this last because enthusiasm trumps everything else.


There’s nothing better to a guy than the feeling when a girl indicates to us how much she wants and enjoys it.


A woman’s enthusiasm, verbally or physically, while in the act, or leading up to the act, makes it amazing.


We feel like you want us more than anything, actually enjoy it with us, and it gives our ego that much of a boost knowing we bring this out in you.


That’s it!

See? We’re not so complicated. Avoid these common mishaps, go with the flow, have fun with it (and during it 😉 ), and may The Force be with you both.

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