The night that changed everything

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A fictitious story about what happened between a couple having sex and a stranger after a party at their place. When the reality of the situation hits, it’s too late to go back to the way things were. It’s the night that changed everything.


Some time ago I was at home with my boyfriend.


We had a party that day, and were both a little drunk afterwards.


All of our friends had already left.


We were finally alone.


It was late.


We moved to the bedroom.


Before long, we were just your ordinary couple having sex.


We thought we were alone.


But all of a sudden, a guy emerged from the shadows of the room.


He was probably one of my boyfriend’s friends. I didn’t know for sure, and was too engaged with my boyfriend to focus on him in my drunken state.


At first he just stood there, watching at us

The Night That Changed Everything

The Night That Changed Everything

It didn’t seem that my boyfriend even noticed.


After a while, that guy took off his clothes.


But he wasn’t doing anything. He just stood there, looking at us.


Completely naked.


I couldn’t help but look at his erect penis.


He saw that I was looking at him.


And, for some reason, he began stroking it.


It was an awkward moment.


My boyfriend still wasn’t reacting in any way.


We just continued having sex, while that guy was watching.


After a while we changed positions and for some reason, that guy moved behind me.


I started feeling a little apprehensive about his intentions.


It was the most sensational feeling I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.

I could almost feel his stare fixed on my back side.


He even said, softly and with a shy voice, “Gawd you’re beautiful”.


I didn’t reply, and felt shivers run down my back.


My boyfriend still didn’t say or do anything.


He had to know that stranger was there.


At least, he was a stranger to me.


Suddenly, that guy moves closer, and starts touching me.


At first I thought he only wanted to touch my body.


But then he moved onto the bed and he…

The Night That Changed Everything

He moved onto the bed too, then pushed himself into me




…he pushed his cock inside my ass.


It was the first time for me.


I didn’t even know the guy!


I panicked, and feared that my boyfriend would go crazy seeing what just happened!


But he did absolutely nothing.




Seeing this, the stranger got even more excited.


I felt him move.


He placed his hands firmly on me, and started fucking me with no mercy.


I wanted him to stop but it felt so weird. It was almost painful. And in front of my boyfriend?


Suddenly, the reality of the situation hit me.


A stranger was having his way with me…


with my body…


while I was in bed with my boyfriend.


I felt scared, and strangely excited, all at the same time.

The Night That Changed Everything

Two men were having their way with me


Then, something that changed me forever, happened.


They were both fucking me.


At the same time.


They kept pounding me, with no interruption in their rhythmic movements.


And in a matter of seconds


I had the most powerful, insanely intense, orgasm.




My entire body was rocked by its waves.


It was the most sensational feeling I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.


And just as it started to recede, as I was wondering if that was the end of it, it simply happened again.


And again.


And again.


After all that I just didn’t care anymore.


We ended up spending the rest of the night together.


I let them do to me whatever they wanted.

The Night That Changed Everything

My body let them do whatever they wanted


They both came inside me.


Multiple times.


That night I think I ended up loving them almost equally.


I still pretend to be a good girl.




I still pretend to be a good girlfriend.




I always tell my boyfriend that I love him, more than anyone else.


But I think we both know that since that night any kind of sex that is just between the two of us feels inevitably dull to me.


Why would a woman always want to have sex with just one man once she discovers that her body seems to be designed to go beyond that?


That night everything changed.


My body showed me what it’s capable of feeling.


When it’s handled how it should be.


When it’s loved in its entirety.


By as many men as it takes.


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