Sneaky Pool Party Sex

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Sneaky Pool Party Sex

Once upon a time (recently) in a neighborhood similar to yours, a pool party was being hosted after the Covid quarantine restrictions were eased. Social gatherings were allowed again! Yippee! One of the neighbors on my typical suburban neighborhood street decided to host a pool party to celebrate.


I found the invitation in my mailbox one afternoon. To be honest, I was quite surprised as I had only seen her a few times, usually just in passing.


But you know what? I had nothing better to do, and wouldn’t mind a good swim and perhaps free BBQ feed to boot, so why not?


What happened is something nobody could have planned for.


I’m not talking about the typical boring stuff, which did happen. I arrived and immediately had to make the rounds introducing myself to all those I didn’t know so I didn’t appear as one of those “snobby” folks. For some reason, when neighbors don’t introduce themselves, that’s the impression people tend to have.


Anyway, I made the rounds with all the usual pleasantries: asking how long I’ve been living in my place, where I moved from, getting chased by other people’s kids (I honestly didn’t mind), and trying to find anyone who would talk about something other than children, school, and their work.


I decided to join the kids in the pool as they were more exciting. Anyone else notice how kids always seem to have loads of fun in a pool? And in this case, it was a good size backyard pool! I never knew such a huge pool could exist in our neighborhood!


Most of the families must be doing well despite the tough economic conditions and job losses, because everyone was in decent shape. That is, nobody was wearing what they shouldn’t have been. I have to say I wasn’t looking too bad myself, probably oozing some sex appeal to the women whose kids I was playing with in the pool.


Sneaky pool party sex. She had the fridge open.

Anyone else see what drinks are in the fridge?

Despite my shape, throwing children on tubes, over tubes, tipping people over, getting tipped over, and getting splashed to death, wore me out first.

I took an opportunity when the splashing stopped to make my way towards the ladder to get out. No sooner was I heading there when I was asked multiple times, “where are you going?”


“I am going to get a drink then have a short rest.”


“Can we come with you?”


“You all stay here where everyone can keep an eye on you, and I’ll be right back.”


While saying that, I climbed out of the pool, grabbed my towel, patted myself down, and then went to find a drink. Unfortunately, all the coolers on deck had beer, bottled water, or wine in them.


My neighbor who was hosting the party must have noticed I wanted something that wasn’t on offer as by the 3rd cooler I opened I suddenly found her next to me asking what would I like.


“Do you have anything like a Coke or Pepsi? I need a bit of a kick after all that horsing around with the kids in the pool.”


“I totally get you,” she responded with in such an upbeat, friendly tone. “I have some inside. Let me show you so you can help yourself.”


I followed her as she wandered to a secondary entrance. Stepping inside, she already had a another fridge’s door open, and was standing in front looking in to see what they had.


I hadn’t noticed earlier, but she was looking good in her bikini bottom and covered top.


Then she bent over, scanning towards the backs of the shelves to see what was there, and motioned for me to come over.


“Well, there’s some regular Coke, Pepsi Max…” she started saying as I approached to have a look.


She bent over a bit further as she reached to move some cans out of the way.


This brought her thinly bikini covered ass cheeks into a position where they were now wedged on either side of my thinly covered cock. It was enjoying her pressure.


Shocked at first, I played it cool and didn’t move to see what she’d do. She had to know what she was doing.


“… and some Solo lemon drink.”


She finished, but didn’t pull forward. She stayed partially bent over, keeping the door open, not looking back, but was waiting for an answer. Her tight ass against my wet groin was causing my cock to twitch, which she had to feel.


But she was playing it cool too, obviously enjoying what she was feeling.


“How about a Coke,” I said.


The Cokes were towards the front of the shelf. She had to come backwards towards me some to get one, stay in position, and close the door.

She was f–king the Covid quarantine boredom out of me.
She did it like a pro.


Then, without turning around, she handed me the can, and walked to the door as if nothing happened.


I popped the can to have a quick guzzle.


“Thank you. That should get the blood sugars up in no time.”


I heard the door click. Or what I thought was the door.


Then she turned around and looked at me.


“We have about 5 minutes, give or take.”


“5 minutes? For what?”


“Before anyone comes looking for us.”


Her look said it all, and it was then that I realized the click I heard was her locking the door, not actually pushing the handle down to open it.


As my mind was processing what was happening, she walked past grabbing my free hand in the process.


I was pulled out of that room, around the corner, through a bedroom, and into a bathroom. Directly across from the bathroom’s door were two sinks, a big mirror over both sinks that went almost to the ceiling, and a window at the end which was open but the screen was closed to only breezes came through, not bugs. There were two towel racks to the right of the door, with a shower stall just beyond those.


Once inside, she turned around to face me, and in a loud whisper said, “I think we both can use some adult play time – no reason the kids should have all the fun.”


She reached down and started stroking my cock through my swimmers.


“We have about four and a half minutes left,” as she adeptly stripped off her bikini bottoms, letting them fall to the floor before reaching inside my swimmers with both hands to yank them down.


The “hmmmmmm” sound she made as she started stroking this random man’s cock had me rock solid in a few seconds flat.


Keeping a grip on it, she turned around to face the mirror, subsequently watching both me and the empty hallway behind us, bent over slightly, reached between her legs, and in a hurried motion guided me into her.

Sneaky pool party sex. Her wetness and warmth felt amazing, and I couldn't believe my luck. I was able to slide right in.

Ladies, that moment you guide a hot guy’s cock in for some good old fashion raw, lustful sex!

Her wetness and warmth felt amazing! I couldn’t believe my luck because I was able to slide right in!


So this is what adults do when they sneak off at pool parties while kids are playing?


I don’t know if this neighbor of mine is married, in a relationship, or what, but I’ve succumbed to her seduction, quietly fucking her in the bathroom while the rest of the parents outside have no clue.


We both knew our time was limited, so didn’t hold back. My ears at least were listening for any sounds that might indicate someone was coming into the house, or around towards the window. We had to keep quiet because not only was the window open, sounds easily travel where least expected.


Despite that, I was surprised at how quiet we kept considering the fact everyone else was literally right on the other side of the mirrored wall. Not only was there an open door to the room we were in, the window was open too! Sneaky pool party sex at its finest, and she was f–king the covid quarantine boredom out of me.


If someone had been watching, it would have looked like I was struggling not to come. Indeed, when a man is slipping into a new, submissive girl bare, every fiber of that man’s being wants to unload in short order.


That’s built in DNA and genetics at work.


By now we had less than 2 minutes to make it happen without our extended disappearance to find me a drink going unnoticed.


The whole scenario is fantasy for some people. Here I am experiencing it.

Sneaky pool party sex. I pulled her back and she pushed back.

We both pushed to get me as deep as I could go before I exploded!

It’s sneaky, erotic, and in a sense, forbidden.


She was gorgeous and her wanting it was sexy as hell. So much so it got to the point where I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer.


She didn’t seem to care, and actively encouraged me to put my load in her where it instinctively wanted to go.


That little bit of encouragement caused my body to do just that.


I started tensing up for the big release, and in a muffled groan, “oh my gaaaaawd. Aaaaahhhhhh….”
Sneaky pool party sex. We maintained eye contact in the mirror while I pumped all I could into her.

Look at her maintaining the mirrored eye contact while milking me for all I’m worth. It intensified the lustful exchange of DNA.


I pulled her and she pushed back.


“Oh yes. That’s it. I can feel it. Give it to me.”


Despite spasm after uncontrollable intense spasm, we kept ourselves locked together.


When they started to subside, she maintained that seductive gaze with my eyes in the mirror; in small movements, she kept pulling slightly forward, and then pushing gently back on my cock, causing it to keep twitching as it kept trying to pump more into her.


* * * * * * * *


I emerged from the house about a minute later. Anyone who would have known what happened, like you reading this, could tell I was well drained. But to everyone else, I was simply inside and had a short conversation while getting my Coke from the fridge.


That sneaky pool party sex was well played I thought. Nobody would suspect a thing. She could be single, married, or even dating someone that’s here at this gathering. She certainly didn’t care if she was. I certainly don’t.


So with my Coke in my hand, I took a few casual sips from it as I walked back past the coolers to sit on a deck chair.


The kids noticed I was back and started asking for me to come back in.


“Let me finish my Coke first.”


The guy in the chair next to me said, “they just never seem to tire out. I wish I had that kind of energy.”


“Maybe you need a Coke too,” I joked.


Just then, my neighbor appeared with a beer in her hand. Her bikini bottoms back on with her top and hair straightened out. She nonchalantly asked how my Coke was.


I decided to respond in code. “Great. I felt completely drained, but can feel my energy quickly coming back.”


“Well, if you want another, feel free to help yourself.”


Was that a coded response?! Or just casual talk with other neighbors around?


Then she turned and offered the guy next to me the beer she brought with her. She told him she was going to put more food out, clean up in the shower, and then hop in the pool herself.


As she turned to walk away I thought I saw her flash me one of those sly winks.

Sneaky pool party sex. Hi! Yes, this is us.

Hi from us! Did reading this story about our encounter turn you on? If so, do something about it. Remember, pictures or it didn’t happen. 😉


The guy with the beer was talking to me, but I didn’t hear much. It was more talk about being active with the kids playing in the pool.


I sat there in some sort of weird state. My mind blurred out all extraneous noise. It kept replaying the events over and over in my head while I took the last few mouth fulls from my Coke.


Then I started thinking. Why would she direct what she said to just him? Casual chat to hide any suspicions? A hint only I would pick up on? Or perhaps a bit of both?


People were beginning to gravitate towards the house; the kids were getting out of the pool.


Turning around to look back, it seems more food had indeed been placed out.


“I think I might go see what food there is, and get myself another,” waving the empty can of Coke to the guy so he knew I definitely wouldn’t be listening any more.


Walking around to see what food was available, I noticed most people were loading up their paper plates: the adults heading back towards the pool area with their mini platters while the kids ran to get the best spots on the grass where they could eat.


I, on the other hand, decided to get myself another Coke.


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