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Sneaky Cheat 01

A story about two people who meet online and then decided to meet in person for a sneaky cheat. But for one of them, something happens that will forever change their life. * * * * * * * *   The world goes round and round, in a constant […]

A sneaky cheat

Not Just A Coffee

Not Just A Coffee

Not Just A Coffee   The sky unleashes its fury as snow once again begins to fall outside. I’m inside a local cafe, sipping coffee, and reading a book I brought along. Running my fingers through my brown hair to free it from the tangles wrought by the chilly wind. […]

Sneaky Pool Party Sex

Sneaky Pool Party Sex Once upon a time (recently) in a neighborhood similar to yours, a pool party was being hosted after the Covid quarantine restrictions were eased. Social gatherings were allowed again! Yippee! One of the neighbors on my typical suburban neighborhood street decided to host a pool party […]

Sneaky Pool Party Sex

A Covid Affair

A Covid Affair

A Covid Affair I suspect I’m one of your typical wives. I’ve been married for over fifteen years now. I’m average on most levels: height, weight, looks, house in suburbia, career I enjoy.   But my sexual appetite is incredible.   I can’t help myself. As women get older, their […]

My Joys of Self-Discovery

My joys of Self-Discovery A short story how one woman went camping with a group of friends, and discovered for herself things she wasn’t anticipating. The end result? She came away with a new boyfriend.   I grew up in a family that loved the outdoors, so it makes sense […]

Joys of Self Discovery

The night that changed everything

A fictitious story about what happened between a couple having sex and a stranger after a party at their place. When the reality of the situation hits, it’s too late to go back to the way things were. It’s the night that changed everything.   Some time ago I was […]

A Lesson Learned

An erotic story, told from her point of view. A husband and wife had a full-on busy work week which left little room for adult play time. Then they attended a BBQ, and learned an important lesson.   A Lesson Learned Today is a bright summer Sunday. Warmer than a […]

While Amongst Friends 1

An erotic, fictitious story of a couple who push their sexual boundaries while amongst friends in a cabin. But cabin sex within the close confines could lead to unintended consequences. As told from his point of view.   While Amongst Friends Skyline Drive is one of the most beautiful, scenic, […]

The Mile High Club

A sexy, erotic fictional tale of a couple who, while on their journey home from their holiday, contemplate joining the Mile High Club. What happens next?   The Mile High Club We arrived at the airport for the journey home several hours ahead of time. Weather was humid, which made […]

Our Mid-day Reprieve

A sexy, erotic story of a couple who take a break from their work day stress and find themselves in an insane, hormone driven moment.   Our Mid-day Reprieve I was having a busy, intense day at work. Not overly stressful, but definitely requiring a lot of thought and serious […]