Sneaky Cheat 01

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A story about two people who meet online and then decided to meet in person for a sneaky cheat. But for one of them, something happens that will forever change their life.

* * * * * * * *


The world goes round and round, in a constant state of change. Even today, in 2021 with Covid, the dating scene has changed significantly again since I wrote about the change modern dating back in 2016.

And yet, so much has stayed the same.


People still look for others online. Even more so now with worldly quarantines enacted.


Casinos are perfect pick up joints for a sneaky cheat

All these people oblivious to what their partners are doing

And that’s how Emma met James.


Or rather, how James met Emma.


It’s a bit complicated. Needless to say, Emma is one of the many women who joined in on the OnlyFans bandwagon even though she has a partner.


And she’s been cashing in nicely with the amount of tips and money fans are sending her way.


James secretly signed up to Emma’s page, without his partner knowing, and they’ve been exchanging a few messages with each other every day.


It’s not all sex talk as people imagine. Yes, most of the material on there is adult content, but men do love chatting about other things other than just sex. Even those that are already in a relationship.


That’s how James and Emma formed a connection that ran a little deeper than others.


Granted she and James shared some sexy talk with each other — from basic stuff like how they met their current partners to common fantasies like sneaky quickie cheats, being seduced by another couple, or watching their partner with someone else — to learning how much they shared a love of gardening, cooking, LEGOs, and thriller movies.


If you keeping having the same food over and over, eventually you’re going to want something different for your next meal. It’s not that you don’t like what you’re having; you just want to mix it up a bit.James is one of the many people in the world who are absolutely turned on by the thought of a sneaky-cheat. If asked, his sex life with his partner is wonderful. But deep down, like many people, if you keeping having the same food over and over, eventually you’re going to want something different for your next meal. It’s not that you don’t like what you’re having; you just want to mix it up a bit. Variety is the spice of life as they say.


Emma feels the same way about variety; she loves being lusted after by other men, especially that delicious feeling when their cock enters her for the first time. Again, she absolutely loves her partner, but just that feeling of lust, and new cocks, and everything that goes along with them.


Even though they lived a few hours apart from each other, somewhere in one of their many conversations, it came about that smack-dab halfway between them is a Casino.


The light dawned on them and they immediately saw the pieces falling into place: casino, hotel rooms, fantasies.


The excited flurry of messages between them would have broken the internet. Without getting into all the details, Emma suggested their basic plan of attack is James would take his lady to the casino for an overnight getaway. Treat her to a nice dinner, gambling, dancing, and fun! Make the trip appear to be about spoiling his wife.


Somewhere along the way, Emma would find James in the casino, and sneak away with him back to her room. Emma had been to the casino previously, so she plotted out where she would “pass by” James and when he noticed, where she would be waiting for him to make their move.


In the elevator going for a sneaky cheat

Emma pulled James to her in the elevator so she was pinned against the wall

To add to the excitement of this experience, they never exchanged numbers. Emma had a strict no-sharing-numbers-before-meeting policy because she doesn’t need bleeps, pings, rings, and vibrations coming in at random times.


James was fine with that and he completely understood since he had his relationship to protect as well. Still, he couldn’t believe his luck that he might actually have a real life “sneak cheat” opportunity with another gorgeous woman he has some chemistry with. Even if it doesn’t happen for whatever reason, he’ll look like the model husband in his wife’s eyes for the night away, and hopefully have a good romp or two with her as well.


The perfect win – win situation.


So with the final assurances given they would both be there, and that Emma would find him in the casino as per their plan, zero-hour finally arrived.


It was game on as James and his partner set off in their car.

She was excited about the romantic time away he had planned with her, not having the slightest clue what his real, underlying motivations were.


James might have been a bit heavy on the accelerator, as the drive to the casino only took about two hours. They shared half the drive in silence, the other half talking about which games they wanted to try, what they might want to eat for dinner, and just in general how great it is to get away for at least one night.


From the opposite direction, Emma had cleaned herself up, and was soon approaching the casino herself. She was getting excited knowing she was going to fulfill at least one of James’ fantasies besides having some great sex with him. It’s always thrilling knowing you’re going to be the person who fulfills someone’s particular fantasy or fantasies for the first time. It’s even more so because they are always going to remember who did it.


The casino came into Emma’s view, and she felt the first twitch in her vagina.


* * *


Like most other women in the casino, Emma was dressed to get some attention even though she was only looking for it from one man.


She came in the entrance nearest the isles and isles of slot machines. It’s here she saw mostly “oldies” dumping coins in the machines, blowing through any inheritance they were leaving their children. Poor buggers.


Emma continued to walk along what seemed like the infinite number of slot machine isles, knowing heads were turning in her direction, when she finally came into the area containing roulette tables. There were plenty of people there too, all dressed to impress. Some were shouting out their lucky wins, some were on obvious first dates, others were completely bored and taking in the eye-candy and/or flirting while their partners continued betting on the wheel.


What few people seem to realize is casinos are great pick-up joints

Going to bars, clubs, and especially those in casinos, you see too much betrayal, lying, and infidelity. If a woman has been married three years or more, you come to learn that she’s usually easier to sleep with than a single woman. If a woman has a boyfriend, you learn that you have a better chance of doing her the night you meet her than getting her to return a phone call later. Women, you eventually realize, are just as bad as men – but are generally better at hiding it.Eye someone up, exchange a flirty look or two, and wait for them to leave their partner for “a drink” or whatever. While their oblivious partner is preoccupied with their casino game, you take advantage of the other half who’s straying with you. A sneaky cheat at its best. “It couldn’t be easier,” Emma thought.

Refocusing back to her current mission, Emma started passing through the poker section next and some miscellaneous games. The table games like Casino Wars and Black Jack were next.


And that’s when Emma spotted James as planned.


She saw James sitting next a woman playing at a Black Jack table, with a nice pile of chips in front of her. Never having seen a picture of his partner, Emma was thought she was one attractive woman. In Emma’s eyes they made for a great looking couple.


But James was her target, so she moved in to do what she does best.


While James’ partner was oblivious to it since she was focused on her game at hand, James’ eyes were wandering around, expectantly looking for someone.


Emma paid attention, and timed it just right to walk around the opposite side of the table as his partner was being dealt cards in the current round. Emma did this as casually as she could without raising any suspicions.


That’s exactly what happened. James’ eyes locked with hers. He felt the sudden rush of excitement go straight to his cock; Emma struggled to look away in such a nonchalant way as if it was just two sets of eyes acknowledging the other without anything further said.


Confidently, she gave a little grin, and turned her head as to indicate the direction she was heading. It turned out to be back towards the slots. There, as per their pre-made plans, she could sit and wait for him to take his leave from his partner. She was starting to get wet with the anticipation of what was about to happen.


Plans or no plans, that look was all James needed. He got the message. He had been planning his “escape” during the drive to the casino, so it was easy as.


The current round finished with another win for his partner.


What x-ray vision would have looked like during this sneaky cheat

Wouldn’t it be nice to have x-ray vision

“Since you’re on the winning streak, I’m going to get a drink and have a wander around the rest of the casino before they kick us out with you robbing them like this.”


His partner laughed. “How about I come with you then to avoid such a calamity before we have a chance to spend the night together?”


“I’ll be okay. You stay here and keep the winnings coming in so we get our room for free tonight. I won’t be wandering too long.” he said coolly.


She seemed to accept that, and he kissed her on his cheek before standing up from the chair to leave.


He wasn’t even one step away when another player who was behind him finished reading messages on his phone, moved in, sat down in his chair, and started putting a few of his chips on the table, ready to play.


James hoped he and the other players around the table would keep the game going long enough for his own partner to stay put.


Anyway, minor concern. The focus now was finding Emma. It wasn’t even 60 seconds later when James saw Emma putting away her phone.


When he was close enough, all impulses to attack her right then and there were restrained.

He spoke first. “The story is I’m going to get a drink and wander the casino while she’s busy winning.”


Emma quietly told him “Perfect. I just sent my partner a text message that I’m okay, having a great time, and included a picture. So let’s you and I finish what we’ve started.”


They briskly found their way through the lobby and into an elevator for the hotel. Without saying a word, she put his hands on her hips, and dragged him backwards so he had her up against the elevator wall.


That’s when they finally unleashed some of their pent up lust, kissing each other with the furious throws of passion that can only be achieved by impulsively giving into untameable carnal urges.


Some sense comes to him and he pulled away for a second. Emma could sense he was probably thinking, “What am I doing?” or that he was feeling a little guilty not having done this before.


She placed her hand over his mouth.

“If she gave you everything you needed, you wouldn’t be sneaking off with me for this fantasy. Give in and take what you deserve.”

As she said that, she grabbed his hand and placed it behind her on her ass for him to pull her closer.


He didn’t resist one iota.


Just as she started rubbing his cock.




The elevator door opened. Emma looked him in the eye, and lead the way out of the lift towards the room she booked.


James gave in to his inner bull and took her

James gave in to his inner bull and took Emma as she demanded

Soon enough, they were inside and closed the door.


Her lips are on his again as he forced a one-eighty and pushed her up against the door.


James began reaching down to her crotch with one hand now while he grabbed her wrists with the other, pinning them above her head.


With a satisfied grin he told her, “now it’s my turn.”


Emma was now satisfied to have finally, fully seduced him into a rage of lust, wanting nothing else other than her body, without a care in the world for his partner or anyone else.


That is what a mistress does.


The situation got Emma even more turned on by the dominant yet gentle way he was restraining her, holding her in place so he can admire the prize he was about to take.


Maintaining eye contact, his right hand slowly slid down her torso; from her neck, down between her breasts, over Emma’s abdomen, until he finally reached what he’s wanted all along.

In bed together during their sneaky cheat

Once inside her room, they wasted no time giving in to their carnal lust


As his hand slid under her dress, James discovered she had no panties on.


Emma was so wet for him. With his middle finger he started to rub her clit in a circular motion ever so gently.


Her body writhed and squirmed in pleasure, not trying to muffle her moans.


“I am so going to have you,” he says as he again slides his finger inside her pussy.


This is met with a louder moan as she can no longer contain her excitement.


It’s official now: she is going to be penetrated by another man wholly satisfying at least one of his fantasies; he is going to have at least one of his fantasies fulfilled!


No more online flirting, no more kissing, no more teasing.


It’s real and both knew there’s no going back.

As the last bit of apprehension fades away, they both committed themselves entirely.


James picked her up from against the door, swung around, walked towards the bed, stripped off her dress, and threw her on the bed. He then kicked off his shoes, removed the rest of his clothes, and climbed on the bed immediately to pin her on it.


Then she felt it.


The head of his cock starting to enter her and her body responding to those lustful sensations that always leads to the pinnacle of ultimate gratification…


* * *


Some time later, as they reach the throes of passion, “orgasm” is such a pale word for what James and Emma experience together.


They collapsed and lay next to each other, breathing heavy, building up their supplies of oxygen again.

Amazing orgasm from a sneaky cheat

Their sneaky cheat orgasms were intense. Being with someone new tends to do that.


“Oh my gosh that was so good.” James says.


“It sure was. Wow.” Emma assured him. “How does it feel? That we’ve fulfilled this secret sneaky cheat fantasy of yours now?”


“To be honest, I feel a little bit of guilt, but it was definitely hotter than I could have hoped.”


Emma smiled. “Maybe the best is yet to come. Perhaps sooner than we think.”


Just then James realized he lost track of time.


“Oh crap. What time is it? How long have we been here?”


He jumped up in a hurry. “I don’t want to have to try and explain where I’ve been.”


Emma’s phone beeped.


“Anything important?” James asked while trying to gather all his clothes together.


Emma unlocked her phone. “No. Nothing too important. It’s just my man asking me how I’m going.”


“Oh? Is he suspicious or anything? Do you have to go?”


“No. All is good. I don’t need to rush, and I don’t think you need to either. He just wanted to know if we had finished yet.”


James was dumb struck. “Huh? What?” He blinked twice. “If ‘we had finished’?”


Emma assured him. “While we were here, he took your partner back to your booked room.”




“Chill James. You also had a fantasy where you wanted to share your partner and/or do a partner swap, didn’t you?”


That’s when James realized the puzzle that was forming… the man who moved in after he left his seat, checking his phone, the message Emma sent earlier telling her partner “okay”, …


Emma continued as she swung her legs over the side of the bed, stood up. “Going to bars, clubs, especially those in casinos, you see too much betrayal, lying, and infidelity. If a woman has been married three years or more, you come to learn that she’s usually easier to sleep with than a single woman. If a woman has a boyfriend, you learn that you have a better chance of doing her the night you meet her than getting her to return a phone call later.”


Emma eyed up her dress on the floor. “Women, you eventually realize, are just as bad as men – they’re just better at hiding it.”


She walked over to James kissed him on his cheek. “Would you rather it was someone other than my partner who took advantage of yours?”


He looked at her a moment. “That picture you said you sent your partner. It was of us at the black jack table wasn’t it? So he knew who to target?”


She looked into his eyes with a devious, but friendly smile. “Shall we go meet them for a drink or two? Night’s still young.”


The pieces were in place. He got what he wanted, but obviously not in the way he expected.


It reminded him of that common saying…


Be careful what you wish for

“Yes, young indeed.” he said as they finished dressing to meet their other halves for drinks.


In the elevator again

Hi from us! Unless you want to join us, step back, let the door close, and we’ll meet you back in the casino shortly for drinks too 🙂


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