10 Things Women Want

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10 Things Women Want

This article will cover 10 things women want that keeps girls happy and either keep coming back into your life, or wanting to continue to be with you if you’re already in some kind of relationship with them.


There are vast differences between the sexes and their motivations for action. For example, motivations for men include:

  • competing for resources against other men
  • just to conquer something
  • act because there is a logical set of circumstances that forces them to do so
  • sense of duty
  • to seek love, affection
  • to build up esteem and ego


But the prime motivation for women?

  • To find love, security, and care


This is because women tend to value connections over nearly everything else. It doesn’t matter the woman’s status — she can be “traditional”, in a “high powered” position, or somewhere in between.


Most women would seriously consider leaving a very prestigious job or relocating halfway around the world for a man they’re head-over-heels in love with to settle down.


But men, either out of social/biological duty or a desire to do something great, would most likely not consider this for more than a split second.


Think about it. How many men do you know, or have heard of, that have moved great distances to be with a woman? Compare that against how many women you know who have relocated to be with a man.


So let’s get to the list of 10 things women want in no particular order.


1) Adventure

Adventure doesn’t necessarily mean sweeping a woman off her feet in your private jet for a long weekend on your own tropical island. It can be as simple as a sudden trip to a local park. Anything that involves breaking out of their routine and creating unforgettable memories.


The sad thing is so few men give women this sense of adventure, which results in bored wives and girlfriends.


Are you up for the challenge?


2) Sex in Exciting Places

10 Things Women Want - Sex in exciting places

Women want exciting sex in exciting places

This goes for both sexes. But women love sex. Women love sexy men. Women love sex in public or otherwise exciting places with sexy men.


Full stop.


Take a girl to bed in an exciting place, and it will be a moment that sticks out, hard-wired in her memory forever. Don’t be surprised if years later she tells you about how much they loved or remember having sex in a certain exhilarating place with you and how they haven’t done something, or anything, that exciting since.


But you know, sometimes it’s not about needing a new place. It may just be as simple as a new position or in a different part of the room.


Drip-feed. Keep her guessing what you’re going to do next in or out of bed. Be that great lover, and you will find some girls that say they are “addicted” to having sex with you.


3) Being Touched

Women love touching and being touched. Being touched creates a feeling of connection, excitement, and/or arousal.


While growing up, most men rarely show emotion, and don’t really touch people outside of greetings and goodbyes.


A lot of men who are “successful” with women, if you pay attention, are constantly touching them. It’s the “where” and “how” that are important.


The “Where”:

  • arms
  • hands
  • hips
  • faces
The “How”:

  • being playful
  • being nonchalant, in a way like every girl would be used to it
  • being sly

Going out, I saw lots of guys doing this, especially after cracking a joke. The girls would laugh, smile, and in a lot of cases, reciprocate.


Simply put, they were loving it.


Guys, pay attention when you’re with a girl. Notice how many times she puts a hand on your forearm, grabs your arm during a fun conversation, or hits you playfully after a bad joke.


Return the favor. She’ll love it.


4) Creative Surprises

Women love surprises. Especially the creative ones.


Even when they say they don’t, they usually do.

10 Things Women Want - Creative Surprises

Women love creative surprises. Especially those that are kept secret until they’re sprung

Be thoughtful about it, mixing up any routine you may have with her.


Keep it secret until you’re ready to give it to her, and you’ll do quite well for yourself.


As an example, I know this one girl who, on separate occasions, received a Lego Rose and a Picture Book of their year together from her boyfriend. You might think they’re corny gifts, but they each had their own special meaning. She also had no idea they were coming until the day she actually received them.


To this day (at least as of this article), she still shows them off to everyone she meets.


This is because that besides loving surprises, women love…


5) Feeling Special

Women never stop loving that feeling of feeling special. But keep in mind the level of a gesture to make her feel special should be relatively inline with the stage or status of your relationship with her.


  • Work colleague who’s down? Go out and get her a coffee
  • Been on a few dates with her? Send her a link to a cool remix of her favorite song or a preview of an upcoming movie she wants to see
  • In an exclusive relationship? Send her flowers with a note saying how amazing she was at … [fill in the blank]


Note that all of the above examples also constitute being a “surprise” because she won’t know they’re coming, and will doubly-appreciate them!


6) Being Accepted

A lot of great girls are scared of rejection. I recently conducted a Facebook poll asking if it was easier for men to ask women out, or women to ask men out. Over 75% of the votes (at the time) were for the former.




Most feedback was that women were scared of rejection. But why should that rank higher than men’s fear of being rejected?


Well, it’s a funny fact about women: they actually fear rejection more than men do. A whole lot more. If men think they’re scared of getting turned away or have approach anxiety, it is nothing compared to the average woman.


Men, biologically speaking, are the aggressors. So it’s assumed to be our role to go out and put ourselves on the line for the sake of attracting the fairer sex.

10 Things Women Want - Feeling Special

Women love feeling special


On the other hand, women have a fundamental need to be accepted. Granted, everyone wants to be accepted because it is part of our human nature. Unfortunately women have a multitude of cultural influences telling them that they need to be a certain way to belong.


For instance, if a woman wants to maintain her image of beauty and dynamism in her own head, that means that she can never get rejected by some guy.


Women carry other social fears too, such as:

  • being slut-shamed
  • being with a weak man
  • their social reputation being tarnished
  • being single for too long


This is why discretion tends to be important for women. Reputation – both in romantic and platonic forms – is paramount for a woman.


Girls will even act aloof or toss others under the a bus to throw other girls off the trail. And in today’s world, social shaming is most severe among women. In many ways, they are more dog-eat-dog than men are.


So when you engage with a woman, if you can show her that you accept her and provide value, she will feel comfortable in your presence, and that will go a long way to bringing her into your life for whatever capacity you’re looking for.


7) Being Held

Life can be rough at times. When a girl gets down, she sometimes wants to feel protected in a man’s arms. Ever hear a woman talk about how she’d like to be held in “those” arms? Women also have a deep need for safety and security, and that simple action provides it.


So if you’ve got a girl in your life – new or old – hold her long and and hold her often. She’ll notice.


8) Emotional Conversation

Okay guys… I need to make this point. As men, we’re used to conversing like men. Our conversations are short, logical, and based on exchanging information. Heck, we can have a whole conversation using one word, changing the inflection.


Seriously, this scene isn’t exaggerating:


But here’s the issue: women don’t like interacting like men.


They like interacting like… you guessed it… women. That means most conversations are about relating; they are about feeling understood; they are about resonating with the other person.


Learn how to have emotional conversation, really connecting with her, and:

  • she will love you
  • it will communicate preselection in that you know how to interact with women


That means you need to make her feel understood, mirroring her emotions, being able to keep several conversation threads going at once rather than acting like a man by exchanging bits information and advice.


9) Playfulness and Laughing

I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like to laugh. Similarly, I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like to spend time with people who make them laugh.


Especially women. They are inundated with “needy” men and clumsy (some times pathetic) attempts to take them to bed. Combined with the daily grind and let’s face it – that equates to a lot of mundane moments in their lives.


This is why being playful is so effective. It’s all a game and allows you to help them escape their everyday lives in a fun, relaxed manner. And if you can make seduction fun for them, making them laugh while maintaining your sexiness, you will do very well for yourself.


10) Food

10 Things Women Want - Creative Surprises

Women love food, and men that cook for them. It’s like having aces in the hole.

It’s well known the key to man’s heart is through his stomach. But I think this fact is also true with women. If you’re a good cook, your pool of women who want to jump in bed with you just tripled because it’s a great indicator of mate potential. Not only is it sexy to women, but fewer women can cook these days.


If you aren’t a good cook – fake it. Buy some premade or prepackaged food that just needs heating, and make it look like you’ve been slaving away to put it together for her.


If in doubt, you can always mask any failings with flowers and laughing it off. She’ll enjoy the laughing, you not taking yourself seriously, and how you can turn a bad situation into a good one.


There you have it!

10 things women want.


Not that hard; not that complicated.


If you know what else women want, feel free to leave comments about it below!


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