Guys, women do not want unsolicited dick pics. How hard is this to grasp?!

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Guys, women do not want unsolicited dick pics. How hard is this to grasp?!


I‘ve written quite a few blog articles about dating mistakes women make, but now it’s time to turn the tide and start with one of the biggest mistakes men make: sending unsolicited dick pics.

Unsolicited Dick Pics - Man tossing die

Don’t bother tossing the dice guys. She does not want to see your willy.


Who here remembers Madi Kohn warning men on her Tinder profile that if they sent her unwanted nudes she would humiliate them by passing the pictures on to their mothers?


She wrote in her bio, “If you send me unsolicited dick pics I will send them to your mom,” before closing with, “That being said I’m pretty chill, are you?”


One guy took the bait and sent her several sexually explicit messages to her Instagram page, including a dick pic. “He had messaged me several times before that,” Kohn said. “I never replied.”


Staying true to her word, Kohn proceeded to send a message to the woman she believed to be the guy’s mother. She included a screenshot of the user’s dick pic, along with a message asking her to speak to her son about this behavior.


Before I go any further, let me apologize right now to any woman who has ever received an unsolicited dick pic.


Unsolicited dick pics are inappropriate. Real men don’t do that and don’t have to prove anything by doing that.


But I think I know why some guys still do it.


It’s because some men are stupid enough to think women think like men.

One day, long ago, I was with a group of friends at a celebration when some strange guy came into the group and told one of the girls, “I would love to take you home and go down on you for hours.”


Why did he say that?


“Because it’s fucking hot,” came his reply. “Are you going to tell me that if a girl came up to you and said I want to take you home and go down on you for hours, you wouldn’t be turned on?” came the rest of his retort.


And there you have it.


Men think what turns them on, also turns women on.


Many men would love to receive an unsolicited nude selfie from a woman, so they think that’s what women would like to see.

There has never been a response to a couple’s survey where one said, “Yeah, he sent me a picture of his dick and I knew right then and there I had to have it!”No self-respecting woman has ever viewed such a pic and said, “The man attached to that dick is the man of my dreams! Come here quick mom and check out his dick! I can’t wait to marry him!”

Even while I’m writing the above sentence, I can see how absurd it sounds. Same goes for topless shots – how many men send or use topless shots in dating profiles? Subconsciously (or not) it’s what men want to see because men are turned on by visual stimuli.


I hate to admit it, but most men are simplistic like that.


On the other hand, in a 2019 study, researchers found that men who sent unsolicited dick pics tended to be younger, more narcissistic, and more sexist. The most common motivation for sending such an image was hoping to receive sexual pictures in return, followed by hoping to turn on the recipient. Most men also hoped to make the person who received the image feel excited or attractive.


This is what those stupid guys just don’t get: most women claim men look better in a suit or uniform than they do naked.

I am yet to meet a man or a woman who has said that sending or receiving an unsolicited dick pic has led to sex. However, I have spoken to loads of women who aren’t afraid to say how hot a guy is in a uniform or suit, and what they’d like to do with him once they get him out of it.


Guys, to put it in perspective, it’s like my cat bringing me a dead mouse: I know he’s proud of it, but I’m not touching it.


Just because you get a nice “hello” from a woman doesn’t mean she wants to see your penis.


One sassy friend of mine who I absolutely love sharing dating stories with, told me she once received such a pic, then sent one in return.


Apparently, he quickly asked, “Why the hell do I wanna see that?”




It’s funny how common sense isn’t very common.


On the flip side ladies, if you do receive one, at least it makes your decision easier on whether or not he’s a potential keeper.


Have you ever received such a picture? If so, what did you do or how did you handle the situation?


Let me know in the comments below.


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