Monogamish Lifestyle – one couple living the fantasies

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Living the Monogamish Lifestyle

A few months ago I posted an article discussing the points of being “monogamish”, or participating in a monogamish lifestyle, which could help with relationships and marriage.


Since then, I actually spoke with a couple online who, after reading my article, are sharing how they have started incorporating some of the tips and tricks into their relationship for a monogamish lifestyle.


What did they do?


They set up accounts where their alter-egos exist.

Living the Monogamish lifestyle

Living the monogamish lifestyle can add spice to your relationship…

It is here where they communicate with each other like they’re lovers sneaking around, carrying out affairs and secret rendezvous with each other, without actually inviting a 3rd, 4th, or more parties into their relationship.


Reading through their conversation, it’s almost as good as one of my stories. 🙂


Seriously though, your head might be filled with questions:

  • Does it really work for them?
  • Would they ever follow through with the talk and do it for real?


Well! It just so happens that as I spoke with them, I asked those exact same questions!


I was totally intrigued because I didn’t think anyone would read an article, putting it into practice.


Even more flabbergasted they later told me about it.


They have assured me that (for now at least), “it is just the two of us and we’ve agreed we’re not interested in sharing each other. Yet.”


So if you want to add some spice to your relationship, and perhaps act out some fantasies without actually going through with them, hopefully this couple will give you some inspiration after reading what they’ve done.


Below are screen captures they’ve sent me to one of their conversations. They’ve removed their relevant personal information from the chat for obvious reasons – I’ve just blocked out certain letters for language filters.



Monogamish Lifestyle

Monogamish Lifestyle

Monogamish Lifestyle

Monogamish Lifestyle

Monogamish Lifestyle

Monogamish Lifestyle

Monogamish Lifestyle

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