Is she out of your league?

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Is She Out Of Your League?

Due to dating norms, a lot of men underestimate their attractiveness and a lot of women overestimate their attractiveness. What this means is most guys have thought, “she is out of your league”, unless they were born into Royalty or worth millions without having had to work for it.


But seriously guys, how many times have you seen an absolute gorgeous woman, and thought to yourself, “I WISH”?


Unfortunately, it’s having such mindsets that are keeping her “out of your league.”


Yeah yeah I know. More talk about having a positive mindset. As if you haven’t heard enough of that already.


But you see, the only place any of these “leagues” exist is in your own mind: if you don’t create them, they don’t exist.


  • If they don’t exist, any and all women are a possibility
  • If they do exist, then they cause you to doubt your ability to be with a woman that attractive


Is she out of your league?

Is she out of your league? She’s certainly not out of mine while on that piano 🙂

If you doubt, you’re probably not going to be confident.


Since women love confidence, they’re most likely not going to be attracted to you.


See how you’re shooting yourself in the foot before you even open your mouth?


Why do guys create these “leagues”?

Because they think:

  1. they’re not good looking enough
  2. they don’t have enough money
  3. they’re too short
  4. they’re not as “well built” as they could be

or any other arbitrary reason.


There is no such thing as “out of your league” for people who use personalities instead of pick-up lines.


The reasons listed above are just some of the more common ones that are enforced by society as prerequisites for a man to be “attractive” enough to be with very attractive women.


Yeah, there are women who are very superficial and won’t look twice at you if you don’t have these superficial characteristics. I am not interested in superficial women, and am going to assume you’re not either.


Next time you think you see someone who is out of your so-called league, try what someone once told me to do: just imagine them taking a dump on the toilet.

I’m talking about real, loving, deep, and beautiful women here.


Who would make the best partner for her? Maybe someone who would support her to the bitter end. Someone she can trust.


I don’t know, but the point is that what motivates her might be far different than what you think.


I see this over and over again. Girls who look like models, but have no confidence. Or no self esteem. You can be nobody and really lift them up.


Or maybe there isn’t even a league in play. Sometimes people are just very different in how they publicly display themselves.


You might come across as part hippy, part nerd. Loud, crude and crass. Don’t take yourself very seriously. Dress like a clown sometimes. Known to drink excessively but more or less friendly to all.


At the same time she might be quite posh, rich family. Reserved at first with a very judgmental look. Always dressed up. Very into her own sense of style. Very opinionated.


I realized all leagues are relative or there aren’t as many leagues as people think.


I haven’t put myself in a league for years, and not only have I had more fun, but I’ve also attracted women of all shapes and sizes during this time. Of course not all women are attracted to me, I’m not implying that. I’m just saying that I don’t limit myself, and have had more success meeting women, compared to when I used to say “I could never be with her, she’s WAY too gorgeous for me.”


I became open to all possibilities, but not attached to any outcome.


Is she out of your league?

She might be in a league of her own, but she’s also not out of anyone’s league.

And in my opinion, that’s the best way to go about it.


My problem with this “out of my league” ideology is that it automatically assumes that women are “The Prize” and men have little to offer. Change your mindset to “I am the prize” and see what befalls you.


When you’re not reliant on her reaction to you, and are open to any woman being attracted to you, then only the best can happen.


Having the concept that “she’s out of my league” is a limiting belief, and will only do you more harm than good.


She is just as lucky to “get” you are you are to “get” her.
You are just as worth it as she is.
Respect yourself.


How can you go about removing these leagues from your mind?

Well, you can get out there, flirt, have fun, improve your social skills, develop more confidence, and show yourself that women can be attracted to you when you’re confident enough to just be yourself.


Or next time you think you see a woman who is out of your so-called league, you can try what someone once told me – just imagine her taking a dump on the toilet.


Whatever works.


At the end of the day guys, sooner or later you’ll realize there is no such thing as “out of your league” for people who use personalities instead of pickup lines.




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