Tips for Attracting Quality Men Online, Part 01 2

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Tips for Attracting Quality Men Online

Numerous readers have requested what insights I have for women to improve their chances of meeting quality men online.


There are plenty of successful couples who met online, including some of my own friends, and are now committed.


So why is it that for each success story, there are plenty of smart, single, attractive women who haven’t had any luck with finding love online?


Well, for starters, they obviously haven’t written me. 🙂


Avoid having a spell cast upon you

Tips For Attracting Quality Men Online

I hope my tips help you meet your man!

The online world is extremely cut-throat because people are more apt to cast judgment on the slightest of things. Anyone who has searched online has done it:

  • “You spell favourite as ‘favorite’? What are you? American? NEXT.”
  • “You have green eyes? I like brown eyes. NEXT.”
  • “Your favorite music lists the 80’s, but not heavy metal? We’d never survive a road trip together. NEXT.”


Your profile name.

The more classy, positive, creative, and descriptive it is, the better. Avoid names that advertise you as a party animal, very flirtatious, a regular tease, and/or liking sex. A man’s mind automatically translates those to meaning you’re a slut. Guess what kind of men you’re going to have contacting you.


The prima-dona of online profiles: photos.

You attract what you project.


You must have a photo with your profile. Everyone who’s searching online wants to see a photo. I generally recommend your portfolio include one good face and one good full body shot.


If you don’t have a visible photo, what immediately goes through a man’s mind is you don’t think you’re attractive or are hiding something.


Men are not going online to find women with self-esteem issues. There are more exciting extreme sports we’d rather participate in. – Dave Lozinski


Put up a photo that’s of good quality. What I see all too often in women’s profiles is a photo with the caption reading something similar to, “this is not a good photo of me.” When you know you aren’t looking your best, you’re not going to have the hot studs knocking down your door. Why bother? This is the digital age! Take 50 photos if you have to until you get one you’re happy with!


Eye-contact is important.

I can’t reiterate this enough. Look at the camera and show us a smile! Don’t post photos hiding your eyes, especially behind sunglasses. If you’re going to hide your identity like cat-woman, go join batman in the bat-cave.


Avoid photos where you’re so far away we need the Hubble Space Telescope to see you.

Tips For Attracting Quality Men Online

Can you see her? Hope you have a microscope.

Men will think that you believe you are unattractive, and write you off as a woman “who looks good from afar but is far from good.”


Glamour and bikini photos are ok if you have multiple other photos showing the ‘real you’. Otherwise, you’re only going to get perverts because that’s the sole image you’re portraying. Upload candid photos or don’t complain that you only have men old enough to be your dad contacting you.

Men will think that you believe you are unattractive, and write you off as a woman “who looks good from afar but is far from good.”


Make sure any photos you post are recent.

This is the 21st century girl-seeks-boy online world. Seeing the same photo after 6 months is analogous to bread growing mold. It tells us 1 of 2 things:

1) you don’t like how you look because you aren’t posting updates.

2) you don’t have any sort of active, exciting life. Don’t you do anything worth taking pictures of?


The other reason is to show the man you’re meeting what to expect. Otherwise, you are perceived as having been deceptive as this woman was to me:


So update your photos! Invite your friends along for a fun photo-shoot if you have to!


Avoid Photos With Other Men

Men want to be your main man just as you’d want to be his main girl. What would you think if you saw a photo of a guy with his arms around multiple women?




Now do a role-reversal and see if you like the resulting words that come to mind.


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