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Modern Dating in 2016 1

Modern Dating in 2016 Living through today’s dating culture, dating games, and hearing all the associated stories from other people, I felt compelled to write about modern dating in 2016.   If you can call it that.   Because it seems most relationships start with sex before they turn into […]

Dating in 2016

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 15

If you missed my previous dating experience, catch up here: Emotional blackmail at its finest.   I met “Kirsten” one year at the end of January when she flew in from overseas to visit friends. We had a delightful 2-hour date on a Saturday which went so well she […]

While Amongst Friends 1

An erotic, fictitious story of a couple who push their sexual boundaries while amongst friends in a cabin. But cabin sex within the close confines could lead to unintended consequences. As told from his point of view.   While Amongst Friends Skyline Drive is one of the most beautiful, scenic, […]

Sexism – Men Are Victims Too

Sexism – Men Are Victims Too Believe it or not when it comes to sexism – men are victims too. Most of it goes unnoticed because men don’t have a “masculinist” movement like the feminists do, but it’s there. The type of sexism I speak of most men have experienced, […]

The Mile High Club

A sexy, erotic fictional tale of a couple who, while on their journey home from their holiday, contemplate joining the Mile High Club. What happens next?   The Mile High Club We arrived at the airport for the journey home several hours ahead of time. Weather was humid, which made […]

Profiling Tinder Profiles

Profiling Tinder Profiles This simple dating app is causing changes in human mating and dating behavior – almost like an apocalypse!   Known as a “hook up” app, Tinder appears to still be popular with people who are also genuinely looking for a relationship.   Or at least who claim […]

Our Mid-day Reprieve

A sexy, erotic story of a couple who take a break from their work day stress and find themselves in an insane, hormone driven moment.   Our Mid-day Reprieve I was having a busy, intense day at work. Not overly stressful, but definitely requiring a lot of thought and serious […]

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 14

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 14 This is a strange one. I met “Kelly” at a social event which revolved around spying, code cracking, and espionage. The event itself was good fun! I had a great time meeting, chatting, and working with everyone in the group.   My pleasant […]