While Amongst Friends 1

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An erotic, fictitious story of a couple who push their sexual boundaries while amongst friends in a cabin. But cabin sex within the close confines could lead to unintended consequences. As told from his point of view.


While Amongst Friends

Skyline Drive is one of the most beautiful, scenic, mountainous drives in North America. Located in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. The road takes a winding path along the mountaintops of the Blue Ridge Mountains east of the Shenandoah River. There are nearly seventy-five overlooks throughout the drive, providing views of the surrounding valleys.


Skyline Drive in Autumn

Skyline Drive is gorgeous during the autumn months

I, along with most people, find the best time to visit to be early-mid Autumn when the millions of trees turn colors as they start to lose their leaves.


This year, my wife and I decided to go there on a camping trip with 3 other couples we’ve been friends with for ages. Instead of going the tent route, everyone teamed up in the sharing of a cabin.


We arrived late Friday afternoon, had a quick walk around the cabin, and liked what we saw. There was plenty of room for everyone, a good size kitchen and living area (complete with fireplace!), and every bedroom had its own bathroom.




Until Mother Nature threw us a wildcard.


An unexpected cold snap sent the temperatures below freezing. What could we do? We’re in the mountains, and this is what happens in mountains. Normally this wouldn’t have been an issue. But everyone soon discovered there weren’t any heavy blankets in the cabin yet and, worst of all, the heating was out! We obviously notified the property owners, but the soonest someone would be able to come out and resolve the issues was early Saturday morning.


Thankfully, our saving grace was a massive fireplace with plenty of firewood waiting to be burned.


We made the most of the circumstances.


Everyone decided to bring their mattress and bed linens out to the living area. We formed a half-circle around the fireplace – not too close in, not too far out. It made it more like a good old-fashioned sleep over.
S'mores! Perfect for any cold night around a fireplace!

We gathered on our respective “beds” drinking wine, eating food, roasting marshmellows, and finally, capping the night off with a few s’mores! Yum!


As you can probably imagine with any group of friends you’ve known for a while, there was plenty of fun banter going around. Everyone alternated between drinking wine and roasting more marshmellows for another serving of s’mores. Alcohol and sugar high – what a perfect combination for a cold night.


We kept the fire roaring, but we aren’t spring chickens any more. I don’t know what time everyone started to knock off, but as our sugar highs wore off and the fire died down, one-by-one we snuggled up to our spouses, dozing off to the sound of cracking wood and the outside wind.


I don’t even remember having fallen asleep when my wife stirred sometime afterwards. She got up. I heard her footsteps over what sounded like one or two others breathing deeply. Some people were in dreamland. I took the opportunity to roll on my back and push the covers down some to make it easier for her to climb back in and snuggle up.


While laying there waiting, I heard footsteps again. Or at least I thought I did, but they seemed to be heading in another direction. Kitchen maybe? I don’t know, and am too tired to care or be bothered looking. I must have fallen back asleep.


Then I was woken up again.


This time, from feeling warm, wet sensations around my cock, which was extremely hard, and obviously “woke up” long before I did.


I opened my eyes and to my complete amazement, saw my gorgeous wife sucking me! The fire had died down to the point where it was casting just enough of a glow to see her eyes looking back at me. Her cheeks were trying to show her cheeky grin despite having her lips wrapped around my hard-on as her hand stroked me up and down.


Instinctively, I took a deep inhale, concerned that our sleeping friends might wake and take notice of the porn show playing out right next to them. After all, we were a just a few feet from everyone sleeping soundly!


She must have anticipated my concerns.


My wife brought a finger to her lips telling me to sssshh and keep quiet.


Sshh! Keep quiet! Don’t wake anyone up while I suck your cock.


She kept her finger there as she smiled and looked to our nearest neighbors to make sure they were still asleep.


Then resumed her silent, albeit expert, sucking.


I could not believe what was happening, yet was totally turned on by it.


I looked both left and right, but I might as well have been wearing a night mask because it was that dark away from the fireplace. So I ended up straining my hearing for the slightest indication that any of our other friends might be aware of what my wife was doing to me.


All I heard was the fire, wood burning, wind, and deep breathing.


What my cock felt though was amazing.


I turned back to continue watching my wife sucking me like someone devouring a cold popsicle on hot summer’s day.


She looked so hot, and the slight reddish glow from the fire being cast on her features only served to amplify how utterly sexy she is – I almost didn’t care who woke to see what my wife was doing in such a bold and brazen manner. I wonder if she did?


Then she slowed and did what she knew what would set me on the path of no return, but not quite get me there… she performed a triage of long strokes: sucking me in to the base of my cock with her lips firmly wrapped around it; slowly, ever so gently, releasing me in a big sucking motion to the point where the tip of my cock was just about to slip out, before lowering herself again.




Did those motions send the, “you’re now going to start building for your incredible orgasm” chills up the full length of my spine.


But she knew how far she could take me before sending me over the edge, and released me when I was close to the point-of-no-return.


She smiled, knowing she just left me high-and-dry.


My “you-f*cking-tease!” look must have been readily apparent.


She indicated to me to keep quiet again as she straightened up, grabbed her sleeping top, and pulled it off over her head.


She kept eye contact and smiled as she pulled my underwear down past my knees.


Her hands then hooked her sexy undies, pushing them down, pulling one leg out through, and then the other.


She took care to pile everything next to us where we could easily find them in the darkness that was slowly engulfing everything.


Then she planted her knees on either side of my hips.


Sat up straight.

I almost didn’t care who woke to see what my wife was doing in such a bold and brazen manner.


Grabbed my cock.


Guided it towards her warm, wet entrance.


Looked left.


Looked right.


Back at me.


And with a look of triumphant satisfaction, she gradually pushed herself down on me.

My wife pushing herself onto me

My wife lowered herself onto my cock, and began a slow rhythmic f*cking despite our sleeping friends a few feet away!

I felt her pussy lips part as she slowly forced my entry. I could feel her warmth and wetness slide down on me. In darkness, the sense of touch is amplified, the body’s skin more sensitive. And wow was I feeling it when she had me fully inside her.


I could only imagine what it felt like to her, to feel my hard cock enter her, sliding past her sensitive lips, and stimulating her clitoris in one continuous movement.


Until she could push no further.


She paused, feeling my member pulsate inside her before she raised herself up slowly, only to push back down again. More of those delicious sensations running up her spine, out to her tits, and over the entirety of her body.


Uncontrollably I started breathing through my mouth.


I’m sure she must have heard me thinking: “Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy fffffff-ing gaaaaawwwwwwwddddd!”


Here we are, surrounded by our sleeping friends. My wife has utterly and completely seduced me. We’re both thoroughly caught up in the moment, knowing fully well we could be busted any instant!


My incredibly sexy wife continued f*cking me in a steady rhythm, raising herself all the way up the length of my cock, then slowly pushing herself back down on me.


The thrill of possibly getting caught amplified everything.


Her hands came up and pushed her hair back as she tilted her head and closed her eyes, relishing in the sensations I’m sure were coarsing through her body too.


She looked absolutely beautiful, and I couldn’t resist reaching up to grab her breasts.


I started to pinch her nipples, watching her mouth open further indicating her pleasure, when we heard someone snort, or grunt, or groan, or something.




I froze solid.


My wife fell forward in a controlled manner, putting her hands just above each of my shoulders. She lowered her head so we were face to face while I tried to indiscriminately pull the covers over us.


We stared at each other as our ears strained for any indication that someone might have woken.


We could hear each other breathing. The sounds of the fire dying a slow death seem to intensify as if it was trying to get someone else to notice our act of indiscretion.


I felt like I could hear every beat to my wife’s heart.


thum-thump! thum-thump!


Tensed and panicked, one of the longest minutes we’ve shared together must have passed after we heard what seemed like the sounds of a body rolling over on a mattress. Our eyes kept switching between each other’s and our limited visibility of the room.


thum-thump! thum-thump!


Then, both our bodies simultaneously relaxed when we heard faint sounds of regular breathing again.


My wife looked at me, but I think her question was answered when I flexed my cock inside of her.


Her mouth half opened in surprise, and we were grinning from ear-to-ear, figuring we were safe again.


She started slowly moving and in our current position, she could stimulate her clitoris further.


I saw her eyes roll back into her head before closing, and her thrusting began to have an increased desperation.


I did what I could to help.


When she was gliding downward, my hips used what little room for movement they had and thrust upward into her as far as they could.


We had to consciously keep the rhythm controlled and steady so as not to create extra noise that would wake any of our sleeping neighbors.


The glowing embers from the fire continued to crackle, and I pushed into her as she pushed herself down onto me.


The wind continued it’s howling, and I pulled back as she raised herself in preparation for another thrust.


The deep sleepers continued their deep breathing, and I continued making love to my wife. Holding her tight. Feeling her breath and soft moans of pleasure on my ear as she raised and lowered herself in sync with my thrusts. Her angle was seriously stimulating both the tip of my cock and her clitoris.


In the tell-tale sign her orgasm was starting to build, her mouth opened and her head started a slight rotation. Every time she pushed down onto me, her head angled back a little bit more, she straightened up on her arms, and her mouth opened slightly wider.


She was pushing and rubbing harder against me. My body was responding by sending those electric pulses through the length of my cock and up my spine. The more she pushed, the bigger those electric pulses were becoming.


The sensations of her orgasm building were overcoming her body’s ability to keep pace.


Then she did it.


Her orgasm came first.


She pushed down, taking all of me in her, while rubbing as hard against me as she could.


Her elbows nearly gave way.


Her eyes shut tightly.


Her mouth opened wide, but not a sound came out despite the orgasmic shock waves hitting her like a tsunami.


She exhaled, then inhaled quickly, held her breath, and repeated the sequence several times over.


Her body continued to push against mine as it writhed and jerked in wave after wave of orgasmic sensations.


Seeing her in complete ecstasy sent me right over the edge.


My arms wrapped around her, grabbing her hips and lower back, holding her down as tightly as could be.


My body could not, and did not, hold back. It tensed just before forcing my cock to uncontrollably shoot load after load after load of warm sperm into her.


We nearly came together

I held her tight, as she writhed in orgasmic ecstasy, while my cock shot wave after wave of my warm sperm into her.


The combination of our the elicit act of indiscretion, the thrill of getting caught, the romantic location by the crackling fire, people close by, trying to keep quiet, and the spontaneity of it all caused our bodies to orgasm with the intensity of a nuclear bomb.


Recovery time was definitely on order.


We laid there, cradling each other, until a piece of wood let out a loud crack as it continued to burn out.


I think that jerked us back to reality. We remembered where we were and listened.


Again, nothing but sounds of outside wind, inside crackling wood, and sounds of some people breathing deeply around us.


I gave my wife a long, deep, sensual kiss, which she returned.


A minute or two later, she gradually rolled off, put her clothes back on while I pulled mine up, and moved into a perfect position for us to snuggle under the covers.


We never said a word to each other that entire time.


Nor did we have to.


We fell asleep snug and I have to admit, pretty smug too. As much as some people like to talk about or share their exciting sex-capade tales with close friends, we actually just did it amongst them.

The next morning everyone was woken by the service guy knocking loudly on our cabin’s door.


It was nearly 7:30am on a Saturday. A Saturday!


Well, someone had to get up.


One of our friends was gracious enough to interrupt everyone’s moaning by volunteering to answer the door.


He let the guy in, and then came back when as we were finishing the typical, “how did you guys sleep last night?” question/answer session.


He said he slept great, but had to freakin’ get up in the middle of the night as his bladder couldn’t hold everything.


My heart sank! The set of footsteps I originally thought were my wife’s going to the kitchen…


Then he looked towards two of our other friends.


“You guys were breathing heavy and sporadically last night. Having good dreams?”


I caught my wife glancing at me. Simultaneously it occurred to us both.


The heavy breathing we heard…


The rolling over on a mattress…


The grunt or groan…


“Yeah, pretty good,” they said.


Then rolling off their mattress to get up, they continued, “And we weren’t the only ones.”


Well… audience or not: the wine, the s’mores, the fire, and the cabin sex made it a great night my wife and I will never forget.



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