The Mile High Club

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A sexy, erotic fictional tale of a couple who, while on their journey home from their holiday, contemplate joining the Mile High Club. What happens next?


The Mile High Club

We arrived at the airport for the journey home several hours ahead of time. Weather was humid, which made us sweaty before even getting onto the plane. If I took a deep enough breath I think I’d drown the air is so humid. But this marked the end of a long overseas vacation together. Even though we both had a great time, I was overjoyed to be heading back to some normalcy. For an entire month, not only did my wife and I share some great adventures and goofy moments together, but also, as most people will attest to, vacation sex.


Lots of it.


Alas, the time came though where my wife and I just wanted to return to our home turf.


At check-in we asked if we could upgrade

The Mile High Club

In the air our adventures were just beginning…

Unfortunately we were told there were no seats were available. Full flight. We came to learn we were given an isle and window seat towards the very back of what appeared to be a 2-5-2 seating configuration. At least we would be sitting by ourselves instead of having to share a whole row with a bunch of unknowns.


Despite some sweat from the steamy outdoors, my wife was looking rather attractive in a loose shirt and blue-jeans that hugged her every curve. She’s about five foot eight, light brown (almost blondish) hair, a nice ass – firm and high which her jeans made readily apparent, breasts with an impact even through her shapeless shirt, and I know in good physical condition given the holiday we just shared together.


After an hour or so in the air, the airline staff came around with some food. We had a pleasant dinner conversation over a few shared glasses of wine.


Looking into my eyes, she confided she was “now ready for some more excitement.”

“What? Can’t wait to see all those emails waiting for you when you get back?” I asked sarcastically.


They collected our trays and people started watching movies. My wife said she’d rather talk than watch any of the movies available. To be honest, I wasn’t too keen on them, having already seen most anyway.


We spent the next hour or two recounting funny moments during our holiday while looking through pictures on our phones and camera. The alcohol must have had some effect as we burst out laughing a few times making jokes, figuring out how we’d explain what we did behind the waterfall or sneakily in the restricted room in the coastal light-house if we had kids.


By then, it seemed most of the passengers had fallen asleep. My wife excused herself for a few minutes, quietly reached into the overhead bin for her carry-on (stretched long enough to get my mind focused on her hips and legs in those wonderful tight jeans) and headed to one of the lavatories behind us in the back. When she returned, she was wearing loose-fitting sweatpants.


After sitting back down, she asked, “Do you mind if we lift the arm rest?”


“Of course not.”


I had an idea of what she had in mind, because she is the adventurous type

And she enjoys taking calculated risks too, especially the risk of discovery while having sex with me. I knew I was going to marry her when on our 6th or 7th date, we went to see a movie together, sat up the back, and only actually saw half the movie after the previews ended.


But that’s another story.


Anyway, almost as if she knew what I was thinking, and to maybe emphasize the point, she whispered, “It’s always exciting to have sex without anyone nearby knowing about it.” Thinking back to this memory, I was already visibly breathing more anxiously, the hardness starting to form in my pants.


We casually arranged the blankets over us both, now no longer separated, and curled up like spoons in the otherwise crowded seats.


With most people asleep and/or seated in front of us, who would suspect anything?

I started to give her a back rub, slowly working over her muscles cramped from the first few hours of the flight. She purred quietly, squirming her shapely body, pushing herself back into my growing erection. With both hands I reached around, slipped my hands under her loose shirt, and fondled her delicious globes causing her nipples to grow firmer under my gentle stroking. Every so often I’d softly “bat” one of her nipples with my thumb as I know that sent pleasure impulses straight downward.


Sure enough, she reached back. To my complete astonishment, with one hand she managed to release my belt, unbuckle, and then unbutton my pants. I whispered in her ear, “How did you do that? I can’t even do that with one hand at home. And they’re my pants!”


She laughed. “You should know. Years of practice together.”


My hard-on sprang out of my briefs as she pulled the waistband forward.


“I’m so glad you’re not wearing boxers right now.”


She began stroking my cock, now slightly oozing with its own lubrication.

She used the pre-cum to help rotate her fingers gently around the head, stroking it with ever firmer pressure. It felt devine; she was squeezing with just the right amount of pressure, allowing the lubrication to do its job.


I withdrew my hands from under her shirt to push my pants down further, allowing me to slip the briefs down below my balls, which she now explored with her questing hand.


My free hands hungrily reached forward again for her erect nipples, shortly afterward sliding my right hand down her belly and slipping it under the waistband of her sweatpants.


Commando! No panties!

There isn’t a husband alive who doesn’t appreciate a sly wife ready to go!


As I continued to stroke her mound, her lubrication welcomed my fingers into her warm wet passage. Rubbing the juices on my fingers, I used them to stroke in and out. My thumb pushed against her swollen clit, alternating between pushing downward, and circling it, clockwise and then counter. She was breathing harder now and could not stop moving her ass around on the seat: first bucking her soaking cunt against my right hand, then pushing her ass back against my cock through her sweatpants.


Just then, a stewardess came down the aisle

She paused noticeably as she came up to our row, and glared.


I came with the most excruciating pleasure I had ever felt!

At me.




Why me? There are two of us here!


The stewardess almost said something.




Apparently she decided that since we weren’t bothering anyone, she would keep moving. We were both fully clothed at the time thank God! My wife enjoyed the momentary distraction though as I felt her contract her pussy around my fingers, in a secretive coded-message kind of way. E.g., while I panicked that the stewardess was going to do something, my wife was being such a playful tease before she whispered in my ear:


“She knows exactly what we’re doing, and she’s jealous!”

Her hand reached behind my head, pulled my face forward, gave me a deep kiss. Not too long; not too short; just enough to get my blood hotly circulating again.


“I want your cock inside me. I’ll keep quiet, but I need you to f*ck me. Now.


With this, she lifted her ass off the seat, slid her sweats down below her knees, separated her legs slightly, and moved back so I could slide into her dripping pussy from behind. Her body’s needful aching growing, she moved forward and then pushed back in such a way to have my hardness slide between her legs so that it sent shockwaves through her groin, racing up her spine: her mouth opened with a deep inhale when she felt it; I sucked in and held my breath when I felt her warmth and moisture close around my member.


I moved slowly in and out as she purred and pushed back onto my cock quietly so we would not draw the attention of any of our seated or sleeping neighbors. Those long, slow, passionate movements completely heightened the pleasure we were feeling. I could feel her squeeze me with every forward push, then reluctantly release me as I withdrew to the tip of my head before she readily accepted another slow thrust.


Once we got into rhythm, I reached back around to stroke her clitoris easily but steadily. The appearance of the stewardess earlier startled me, causing my urgency for release that had built up from her stroking to subside.


The Mile High Club

We got into a nice, slow rhythm in the seats.


So it was a nice, long, easy, passionate f*ck, punctuated by her spasming in orgasm three times before my cock pressure built up to the point of no return. Seeing my wife in absolute ecstasy next to me was too much.


I’m sure she could feel my vessels starting with their increased pulsing, followed by spasming, as I was getting ready to shoot uncontrollably.


She looked straight into my eyes, cupped my cheek, told me give her everything I could, and gave me a sensual kiss just before the floodgates opened.


Her begging me to shoot inside her sent me completely over the edge.


I came with the most excruciating pleasure I had ever felt!

Despite our whirlwind of vacation sex, it was like a dam bursting.


Spasm after pulsating spasm as my cock was unleashing everything I had.


I was breathing heavily into the back of her neck.


We cuddled like that for a few minutes, recovering our breaths, making sure to not move suddenly to draw attention to ourselves. I had to playfully poke her as she squeezed her pussy a few times around my now deflating, but still pulsing, cock.


She wanted every last drop.

Then, like a telepathic signal had passed between us, we untwined simultaneously. She turned around in the seat to sit normally, and kissed me.


“Oh gawd that was good. What better way to end a vacation?”


One of my index fingers was now playing with her hair.


“Well, we haven’t landed, so our vacation technically isn’t over yet.”


“What do you mean? The bathroom?” she asked.


“Yeah. Why not? If we are reasonably cautious we can get in there without causing an uproar. Let’s just hope there’s no stewardesses back there.”


Like cinematic slow motion, her eyes narrowed slightly while her lips formed a grin that said she’s game.

I moved to pull up my pants and buckle my belt. She drew up the sweatpants, got up, and headed for the back of the plane with me directly behind her.


We didn’t have far to go being in the back already; I had a quick peak forward and most of the cabin was dark with nobody looking back.


She entered the first lavatory, which was vacant. I slipped right in behind her before anyone or the flight attendants would have noticed we were even there.


As I closed the door, she turned and started kissing me hungrily. She broke for a quick comment, “let’s see how people can do anything in such a confined space.” while I was busy pulling her sweatpants down.


“Just lift up and sit on the sink.”


When she positioned herself, I slid her ass slightly off the surface, and drove my cock into her again while we exchanged extremely wet but tasty kisses.


We found the right positions to help support and prop our bodies

This was allowing the both of us to savor the overwhelming sensations coursing through our bodies again.


The Mile High Club

Enjoying the overwhelming sensations once we found the right position for us both


Then it happened.

After a slow buildup that I never wanted to end, I came again, not as much this time, but she sensed it and started bucking hard just at the same moment.


We shared some more passionate kisses, looking playfully into each other’s eyes, until we were able to adjust ourselves to some degree of presentability and return to our seats.


As we settled in, she pushed the seat divider back down.


Not too long after and the cabin lights came on.


“I think everyone is going to be waking up,” she said.


We didn’t want to leave any obvious signs to unsuspecting passengers — that’s all part of the fun, knowing the secrets you have between you two that nobody else does.


The breakfast service began shortly after the cabin lights were turned on. We were once again two passengers who happened to be sitting next to each other on the plane. The secret of our mile high club lovemaking was secure.


90 minutes later our plane was at the terminal, preparing to let everyone off.


We opened the overhead bins, grabbed our belongings, and went forward with the rest of the passengers to disembark from the plane.


As we approached the front exit, one of the air hostesses who must have worked the first-class cabin said, “Thank you. We hope you had a pleasant flight.”


My wife didn’t miss a beat. “One of the best,” she said as she walked by.


The hostess looked at her, then me as I was about to pass.


I caught her glance, and just shrugged my shoulders knowing I couldn’t hide my devious smile as I walked off the plane with a full membership to the Mile High Club.

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