Our Mid-day Reprieve

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A sexy, erotic story of a couple who take a break from their work day stress and find themselves in an insane, hormone driven moment.


Our Mid-day Reprieve

I was having a busy, intense day at work. Not overly stressful, but definitely requiring a lot of thought and serious discussions to resolve some issues. When I finally managed to get a few minutes to myself, I called my girl to see how her day was. She was faring no better, so I suggested we take a break together back at my place just to get us away from everything.


A temporary, mid-day reprieve.


Hesitant at first, but she soon relented.

We both arrived at my front door at the same time. I greeted her with a good hug and could feel the stress fading from her. We walked in, continuing with the conversation we started on the phone, and both instinctively went to my bedroom: myself to dump my badge, phone, wallet, and keys; she always put down her purse and keys on my dresser before sitting down on my bed to take her shoes off.


“So your day has been filled with meetings?” she asked.

“In a room full of top software designers, if two agree on the same thing, that’s a majority.”

I turned towards her and continued. “So it sounds like they’re really wanting a lot from you at one of the most inopportune times with your other workloads.”


She didn’t reply to that. Just exhaled, stood up, both shoes in her hand, and stepped over towards the window to look at the view. I looked at her. The light behind her was coming right through her shirt. Her hair was swept back and a couple of inches of it was on her collar. It looked like a five hundred dollar style to me, but I guessed she did it herself since she didn’t have any hair appointments this week.


Her butt looked spectacular in those jeans.

I could see the label on the back: Waist 26. Leg 32. When I see her waist highlighted like that, all I want to do is span it with my hands, maybe bury my head a little higher up.

Her butt looked great in those jeans.

Her butt looked great in those jeans.


“Yeah. They’re going to have to start planning things a little better…”

She went quiet. Turned around to face me.

“What are you going to do about work?” she asked.

I paused. The light was still behind her. Very nice indeed.

“Now? Absolutely nothing. I’m going to take a nap.” I said.

“How long have you got?”

I checked my watch.

“About an hour. Take a nap with me. It will do you some good.”


I smiled. I yawned. I laid down on my back, and rolled over on my side, facing away from both the middle of the bed and the window. I closed my eyes, sensing she was still standing there, watching.


Then I felt her lie down next to me. She shuffled around a little before going still.


It started when she moved to touch her butt with mine.


It was very faint contact, but she might as well have plugged me into a power outlet.

I opened my eyes, staring at the wall, trying to figure out whether she moved involuntarily or had done it on purpose. I spent a couple of minutes thinking it through. She’s had a rough day, yet she’s still plenty desirable. I kept thinking and thinking, but I guess mortal danger is an aphrodisiac because I found myself erring on the side of optimism.


Then the problem occurred.


I wasn’t certain about the required response.

What was the correct etiquette given the circumstances? I settled for moving an inch myself and firming up the connection. I figured that would put the ball back in her court. Internally I smiled a cheeky grin. Now she could struggle with the interpretation. Or not if she was still stressed and really did just want to sleep.


Nothing happened for a whole minute although it felt like forever. I was on the verge of being disappointed when she moved again. Now the connection was pretty damn solid. If I didn’t weigh as much as I do she might have slid me right across the covers. I was fairly certain I could feel the rivets of her back pockets.


My turn.

I disguised it with a sort of sleepy sound and rolled over so we were stacked like spoons. My arm was “accidentally” touching her shoulder. Her hair was in my face. It was soft and smelled like a fresh summer breeze. The cotton of her shirt was crisp. It plunged down to her waist and then the denim of her jeans swooped back up over her hips. I squinted down. Her shoes were still off but I don’t know where she put them. Floor maybe? I could see her feet though. Ten cute toes. All in a line.


She made a sleepy sound of her own. I was pretty sure it was fake.


She nestled backward until she was jammed tight against me from top to bottom.

The movement was definitive. I put my hand on her upper arm. Then I moved it down until I felt her elbow and came to rest on her waist. Her waistline fit nicely into the cup of my hand. The tip of my pinky finger was under her jeans’ waistband.

Her waistline fit nicely in my hand.

Her waistline fit nicely into the cup of my hand.


Then she made another sound. I held my breath. Her butt was tight against my groin. My heart was thumping. My head was spinning. No way I could resist. No way at all.


It was one of those insane hormone driven moments.

Pure DNA programming. I slid my hand up under her shirt, moved it forward, and cupped her breast.


Her butt started a rubbing motion against my groin; I responded by kissing the back of her neck and squeezing her nipples in sync.


Things got out of control.

Things got out of control.

Her inhales became deeper; moans escaping during the exhales.


I adjusted my position so I could start kissing her behind her earlobe, down the side of her neck, and across her shoulders.


That caused her body to gasp, bend her head backwards and simultaneously push her butt harder into me.


My hand sensed the opening, slid down across her stomach, under her jeans. Her lungs drew in a deep breath, giving my hand greater clearance so I could also slip my fingers under her pantie line to start teasing her clitoris.


After that, things got completely out of control.


She is one of those women who are far more attractive naked than clothed.

Not all women are, but she is. She had a body. She had no tan, but her skin wasn’t pale. It was as soft as silk. She had small firm breasts, perfectly shaped. The contours of her body would make any man hungry.


She was strong too, which I can thank her gym sessions for. When she wanted to hold me down or lock me in place, especially with her legs, I would need to call up extra strength to get away. Not this time though. When my final thrust came, her groin pushed upwards against me as I pushed forward. On the way down her legs locked me in place. She made sure I was in as deep as I could go.


Her body wanted me in her as much as mine wanted to be in her.

I couldn’t, nor didn’t, want to move before our multiple, orgasmic volcanoes erupted together. We were both paralyzed and held each other for dear life as the pleasure-intense shock waves traversed over and through our bodies until they finally subsided like ripples fading away in a lake. When she finally relaxed her grip, I could hardly move. I outweigh her, and am in great fitness for my age, but she had utterly worn me out.

Our orgasms hit. She locked me in place.

On that final thrust, she pulled me in and held me tightly as our orgasms exploded.


She left me exhausted, which made her smile.

She has a great smile. Her eyes always shine bright when she smiles at me.


After a few minutes, I was able to withdraw and she sat up in bed, looking at me. She traced her finger over parts of my body I know she liked: chest, shoulders, arms, lips.


Without a word, she stood up and walked to the bathroom naked, graceful, and completely unselfconscious.


I eased myself up on my elbows so I could watch her the whole way.


Gravity had no affect on her perfection.

I fell backwards, looking at the ceiling, giving thanks to how lucky I am to have her in my life.


A short while later she emerged, glided back onto the bed, and gave me ‘the look’.


Those eyes... she wanted more.

She didn’t have to say anything. Work would have to wait.


She didn’t have to say anything; I didn’t have to ask. In that silent exchange of words, we made an executive decision together:


Work would have to wait.

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