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5 More AMAZING Dates

I didn’t expect to receive the amount of personal feedback I did from my 5 Amazing Dates (http://blogs.davelozinski.com/datingandrelationships/5-amazing-dates) article! Thank you!


5 More Amazing Dates - Valentine's GiftsThe comments I received I think can be broken down into two groups, summed up as follows from these:

  • “I absolutely love the photos!!! And the Toyota date had me hooked!”
  • “Good stories…a little jealous cos I can’t think of any memorable or amazing date that stayed in my mind. :-/ “


While I think it’s awesome that some people enjoyed my stories (and obviously are reading just to see that pictures I put up), I have to admit I realized just how lucky I am when reading feedback from people who wrote to say they haven’t experienced any such memorable dates.


With that, here are 5 More AMAZING Dates I’ve experienced in no particular order.


6) Fondue Chocolate and the Arcade

We met in a restaurant where the primary items on the menu either are, or associated with, fondue chocolate. Seriously people, when you have places around that serve items like this, why do something boring like going for drinks or coffee?


Anyway, we shared great conversation as we indulged in the delicious desserts, complete with not only strawberries and bananas, but also pretzels, marsh mellows, brownies, nuts, and other goodies.


Her eyes seemed to shine, even more so with each dip of her food into the chocolate.

Sharing food over fondue chocolate

There’s something sensual about sharing food, especially fondue chocolate


Between all the chocolate and flirting, we got onto the topic of Mario Karts.


A challenge was put forth, and accepted.


On our newly found, feeling invincible, sugar high, we wandered across the way to the local arcade, gathered some credit, and went head-to-head in several rounds of Mario Karts.


I got her with throws of the turtle shell and flat tire; she splattered pies in my face so I couldn’t see.


The smack talk intensified as the races became close.


Finally, a winner had been decided… she bested me 2 out of 3.


But in the end I’d say I won because I met someone I wanted to see again.


And avenge my losses.


Well, 1 out of 2 isn’t bad. 🙂


7) Stroll that ended with dancing in the park at night

5 More Amazing Dates - Stealing a kiss while dancing in the park

Stealing an erotic kiss while dancing together in a park makes for an Amazing Date she will never forget

I don’t remember how this date started, only how it ended. I know we were having a wonderful time together, and decided to go for a walk. It was a nice night – not too hot, too cold, too windy, too overcast. On a whim I decided to take her through a nearby park.


The park was quiet, peaceful, empty, and had some lighting. Then I saw a semi-dark, open grassy area.


Not even sure of what I was doing, I guided her over, put her bag down, took her in, and started dancing with her.


The night was perfect with not another soul that we were aware of. It’s almost like we were in our own little world within the world.


To this day I still hear from her on occasion, telling me how amazing the night was, how much her girlfriends wanted to know what we did, and … the part I like hearing the most … how jealous they got afterwards.


8) 11 mile hike which ended in fields of bluebell wildflowers.

5 Amazing dates - amongst all the bluebell wildflowers!

Thousands and thousands of wild, sweet smelling bluebell flowers!

For those who don’t already know, I absolutely love going for hikes, especially through mountains and over varied terrain.


One Saturday a woman I was dating and myself decided to hike 11 of the 17 mile long Bull Run-Occoquan Trail (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bull_Run-Occoquan_Trail).


The major highlight of this trek during spring is in Bull Run Regional Park. That’s where you will find the highest concentration of the bluebell wildflower anywhere on the east coast of the USA. You can see more here: http://www.davelozinski.com/adventures/usa/virginia#bluebells.


The rest of this trail is fantastic because of its variety. It has sections that:

5 More Amazing Dates - sharing the romance in a field of flowers

Sharing the romance while amongst nature almost ALWAYS results in an amazing date!

  • Follow along a river
  • Give you the ups and downs of hiking through hills
  • Have areas of open plains and grasslands
  • Have lots of wildflowers besides the bluebells
  • Contain a lot of chirping birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and other assorted wildlife
  • Are perfect for swimming
  • Are perfect for picnics
  • Are perfect for doing “consenting adult” activities. 😉


Realizing the average person walks 2-3 miles per hour, and we were doing 11 miles with stops, we decided to start real early knowing we were going to be out for at least 6 hours.


The entire time was magical. There were but maybe 3 other people we encountered; we had the obligatory swim in the clear running water; the picnic lunch in an open grassy area with a red-tailed hawk circling in the sky above; Snickers candy bars in the middle of one of the forests while watching the squirrels gather up acorns; taking in the sight and scent of the millions of bluebell wildflowers in bloom; and a moment amongst them that it’s not gentlemanly to kiss and tell about.


We arrived at the endpoint in late afternoon. Completely exhausted. We slept really good that evening, night, and the next morning.


I never once imagined, through my aching feet and calf muscles, just how memorable or amazing I’d realize that day to be.


Funny the way life works.


9) First time Thanksgiving and Snow

An Australian friend of mine had never been to the USA and wanted to experience the Thanksgiving Holiday. She also had never seen snow before.


Coincidentally, the year she came over the share the holiday with my family was also one of the few years where we received A LOT of early snow.


It was so much fun with her because of all the “firsts” I was able to introduce to and share with her… weather that dropped below freezing; keeping wine bottles chilled by leaving them outside in the cold; what it’s like to cuddle together in front of a real fireplace; the sheer amount of Xmas lights Americans decorate their houses with; the combination of pumpkin pie & Cool Whip, neither of which are readily available in Australia; playing games together as a family; last but not least, what it’s like to play in snow.


That last part has the funniest memories. At one point she was saying how much she loved the snow:

               “Oh do you now? Well, come here…”


               “Outside with me. We have to go somewhere today, which means…”


I left her hanging on that, as I pulled out a broom and shovel.

               “…since you love the snow so much you get to dig out my car.”


The previous night we received about 8 inches (20cm) of snow.

               “Use the broom to sweep the snow off the car, then shovel her out.”


I stood back and patiently watched her work, and make a critical mistake that’s common to first timers. My car was parked facing inwards to its parking spot, which means to get out I had to reverse out.

5 More Amazing Dates - fun in the snow!

Letting the playful “inner kid” out when it’s snowing will result in a great time neither of you will forget!


In the moment of her proud glory when she handed me back the broom with the car completely clear of snow, her cheeks rosey red, smiling ear to ear at me as if to say, “howz that for a perfect cleaning job?”


I asked her a simple question…

“You do realize now that since you pushed all the snow off the back of the car, you have a heck of a lot more to shovel to get it out, right?”


As I stood there nonchalantly, expecting some sort of verbal reply, I was reminded that actions do speak louder than words.


She may have never seen snow before, but she has seen a lot of relevant movies and tv shows. I realized this within a few nanoseconds, when she promptly started her first snowball fight.


What I like about the human brain is I think our memories are geared towards remembering sharing experiences with someone when it’s their first time. It’s so cool, especially when they enjoy it and remember it as fondly.


10) I Would Have Married Her

One year I met a lady online in Melbourne. We were getting along great and it was at the point where I wanted to meet her. Lucky for me, it just happened to coincide with a trip to the ski-resorts I had booked with “da boyz”. We were arriving in Melbourne on a Saturday, and leaving early Sunday morning for the resorts.


This lady was out with her friends Saturday night, but wanted to meet and set aside time to catch up with me. We agreed to meet in a building where a private party was being held several floors up. She said I’d have to call for her to come down and get me so I could get by security.


When I arrived at the building, I called. She was coming down. I was looking at art in the gallery while waiting.

5 More Amazing Dates - almost married this one

I look forward to my wedding day, when I finally have my bride


I heard her voice before I saw her and I remember the tingle that shot down my spine. There was something in the way she said my name that made my nerve ending just go cha-ching.


When I turned around and saw her walking towards me with such a genuine, happy smile I literally felt like my eyes were doing what you see cartoon characters do as their pupils open wider than their heads.


She gave me the type of hug you’d give a friend you haven’t seen in years.


Before long her hand grabbed mine. She got me past security. I was so focused on how soft, gentle, feminine, her hand was in mine I didn’t catch a word she said to the security officer.


Back at the party we settled down at a table with her two friends she came with, and basically had a party of our own. The night flowed on easily. After some food and drinks, we shared a few dances together on the dance floor.


I kept pulling out swing moves because I loved how she looked as I twirled her around… her long hair flowing behind her, the permanently plastered smile on her face, the way her skirt highlighted her ass, the way her eyes said, “yes, twirl me more!”, and those beautifully toned legs that ended in those sexy, short-heeled shoes which guided her through those twirls.


It was so easy having fun with her and the conversation flowed so easily it’s like we just picked up on what each other was thinking.


The party ended around midnight and we had to leave. Which probably was a good thing because I had to get back for some sleep before a 5am bus ride to the resort.


Out in front of the building she was unfortunately heading in the other direction. As her girlfriends tried to hail a cab, we shared a few last words, setting a date to catch up again when I return from the slopes.


Then we kissed.


It was the kind of kiss where your hands hold the other person close, your eyes close, the lips lock, and I swear to this day the rest of the world just ceased to exist. All I could feel was her body against mine, her lips again mine.


I didn’t even hear her friends shouting when they got a cab. Literally one of them had to come up and separate us. As I watched her cab drive off, I was so overwhelmed with a level of intensity of that WOW factor I had never felt before.


During the walk back to my room, somewhere in the middle of Melbourne after midnight local time, I did what crazy people do…

I called my parents, on the other side of the planet, and told them I found the girl I was going to marry.


Unfortunately (or fortunately) that didn’t pan out, but that’s a crazy dating story for another blog entry. 🙂


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