Dating Games, Part 07 1

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Dating Games, Part 07

Here’s another story of some behaviour I just couldn’t get my head around. Did you miss the previous entry?

This chapter is just weird, so we’ll leave its title as “Please don’t email me again.”


Warning Bells from the Start

“Caitlyn” contacted me via email in response to a dating article I wrote in a local Australian newspaper. We started an email exchange, and it became quite evident that Caitlyn was really into herself, thinking that every man should fall over at her feet.

Over the course of a few messages, the email discussion progressed from saying things such as, “You’re funny!!” to:

“If you give me your mobile, I can forward you on some of the funny txts I have been getting. A bloke wants to be my gigolo (?) and wants to meet me for you know what. He only got married this year too so wants to keep it discreet!! I am not that desperate and I am not a home wrecker. The 25 year olds are good value – Wayne the Mechanic and Luke the Carpenter are funny with their texts too.”



Dating Games 07 - 1 pawn amongst manyLadies, this is what not to do and seriously, I shouldn’t even have to waste bits and bytes explaining why.

She probably thought I was just another “pawn” for her to play with. With that, I decided to have some fun, and wrote her a message asking to see a picture of this woman I’d have to fight all the other guys off for.

Here’s her response:

Don’t really know how to send photos over the internet as attachments. Have to resize them etc and that gives me a headache and confuses me. If you can send free txts you can txt me on …


Yeah, right

In this day and age who doesn’t know how to send an email attachment?

This was on a Thursday.


I Wrote Her Off

Monday I log into my email to find the following message from her:

“Please don’t email me again.”

I’ve had no problems honoring her request, because it’s readily apparent from her telling me about all the “men” in her life that she has issues.

I think I need more roses.

Dating Games 07 - Wilted Rose

If “Caitlyn” even was a “she” (hope my faithful readers noticed the lack of a woman’s photo in this blog entry).


So people, what do you think?



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