Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 06 2

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Dating Women and Dating Games

This is the sixth installment (did you miss Part 05?) chronicling my experiences with dating women and dating games.

This chapter, “Foray Into Speed Dating”, was one of my first experiences with a speed dating event several years ago at Perth’s WACA. One of my friends invited me along on a Friday night as he had an extra ticket. Why not? Something different; something fun.

But still shows that even when speed dating, women still play their dating games.


The Set Up

For this speed dating event, we were given special seating in the WACA stadium. Women would be remaining in their seat for the entire event, so they got to sit down first, having to keep a seat between them.

Then the men sat down.

We were told we had no idea how long we would be sitting in a seat because the rotation was based upon the current Cricket Match. That is, every time there was a 4, 6 or “wicket”, the men would have to rotate clockwise. I didn’t have a clue what any of those were, so thank goodness there was someone to announce when we were to rotate.

Since we had no idea if we’d be next to the person for 20 seconds or 20 minutes, it was advised that as soon as we realized we liked someone, we should ask for their contact information.
Speed Dating

Then We Met

One third the way through the ladies, I met “Kylie”. We hit it off. What instantly attracted me to her was her demeanor and classy outfit. Unfortunately we had to rotate quickly, and I didn’t have an opportunity to ask her for her number.


My Mission

Halfway through there was a break. I made it my mission to find Kylie. Luckily, I found her, and we ended up talking through the entire break period, with her suggesting we catch up over lunch sometime the following week.

We readily exchanged contact information.


And After The Event

I was talking to two other ladies when Kylie was trying to get my attention. I excused myself from the two ladies and went to chat with both Kylie and her friend. Kylie said she had to leave, but reinforced that she wanted to catch up with me the following week.

I promised I would contact her.


I Keep My Promises

We talked for a while on the phone, with me asking if she’d be able to catch up for lunch Tuesday.

She told me she was starting a new job, and didn’t know what her schedule would be like, suggesting that perhaps later in the week would be better once things settle down.

She said she’d be able to let me know Monday.

No worries.


Are There Any Women Who Keep Theirs?

Speed dating games.

Waiting for the special woman.

Monday comes and goes.

Tuesday went by.

Wednesday and Thursday quickly followed.

So Thursday afternoon I sent Kylie a text message asking her how the first week at the new job was going.

Saturday arrives, and still nothing.

I followed up again in case she didn’t receive the first message.

To this day, I haven’t heard back from her, but her actions highlight a common dating game women play.

The bright side is at least it wasn’t some crazy psycho stalker dating experience.


What do you think?

Has anyone had success from speed dating events?

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