5 Amazing Dates

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There have been a lot of great, fantastic, memorable, and absolutely amazing dates I’ve shared with some wonderful ladies.


Since it’s February… the month of love …I want to highlight some of the many. This is far from a complete list!

Amazing Dates
I’m omitting their names so as not to offend their current partners. Hopefully each lady will secretly recognize her story.


Actually I shouldn’t be so presumptuous and should just hope they’re reading my blog. 🙂


Anyway, here goes! Some memorable, amazing dates in no particular order:


1) Oh-my-gawd Amusement Park

One lady I met online from Australia while I was living in the USA. Much to my delight, she arranged an around-the-world trip, stopping by to see me for a week.

Hand Holding Contributes to Amazing Dates

Hand holding contributes to amazing dates


Knowing she liked things that get the adrenaline pumping, I planned a day at a “real” amusement park. Namely, a local Six Flags. While Australia does have some amusement parks, they simply pale in comparison to those in the USA. Even though I knew this would be a treat for her despite my teasing, I didn’t realize how many good memories and moments we’d come away with.


When we arrived we started off easy by taking in the scope of the place, the rides available, all the unique shops, and the fun to be had.


It felt to be sharing the day with someone who was easy going, enjoying herself, and game for both trying new foods (how many people from outside of North America know what “funnel cakes” are and their various toppings?), and going on new rides.  There’s something magical about playfully feeding each other cotton candy, or sitting next to each other on a Ferris wheel holding hands – I felt like a teenager again.


The best parts were always around the roller-coasters as I watched her face go from astonishment (“it didn’t look that high and twisted from back there”) to fear (“when I got in line you didn’t tell me you sat in seats, facing backwards, which also fold down backwards so you’re looking directly up at the sky!”) to Oh-my-gawd-oh-my-gawd-that-was-soooo-goooood-we-need-to-do-it-again.


What I remember most are the feelings of constant endorphin fueled laughter, being able to act like a kid, the excitement of trying new rides for the first time with someone fun, and the fulfillment that flowed through me knowing how much of a great time she was having.


Especially after riding the oh-my-gawd-oh-my-gawd-that-was-soooo-goooood-we-need-to-do-it-again roller coasters.


To all the guys wondering… yes, she’s a screamer.


2) Glow Worm Cave, Swim Hole, and Hypothermia

This occurred during my first ever visit to Australia. I met a woman who I had been corresponding online and via phone with for several months. She took me to the Gold Coast Hinterland where our date comprised of a swim and walk through a cave.


The first was a swim around a Natural Bridge. I was taken aback by the scenery as it was like something out of a movie…calm waters, secluded site, a pouring waterfall that, from my vantage point, seemingly came from nowhere and was pouring into the middle of the serene waterhole.


Unfortunately, the water was COLD, but she made me go in anyway. She assured me that if we swim out to where the falls were, the water was super warm.


It took 10-15 minutes swimming in the COLD water, but well worth it. With the warm water splashing over me, it felt like having a hot shower standing in a bath tub full of cold water.


The only drawback? Having to swim back to shore.

Swimming together in a secluded area - another amazing date

Swimming together in a secluded area – another amazing date


By the time I got out, I was shaking uncontrollably. It is probably the only time in my life I think I suffered from hypothermia.


Trying to warm up, we then went on a hike to a Glow Worm Cave. For those that have never been, this was awe-inspiring. Walking through complete darkness until you come upon an area amazingly lit by worms. Imagine thousands of  fireflies with their lights permanently on, attached to every wall.


Why was this such a great date? She challenged me (I don’t think I’ve done a swim like that since), gave me new experiences, *she* took the time to plan it, and it all incorporated my enjoyment of nature and the outdoors.


20+ years on and I still remember it.


3) Oh What A Feeling – TOYOTA!

Ever experienced a day where you go into a building, spend maybe two hours, come out, and the weather has completely changed?


That happened to cause this date. I was out with a chick and we were going to do something at the local shopping mall. There was a special event on which I can’t remember. Approximately 2 hours later as we were leaving when we got to the mall’s exit and stopped dead in our tracks.


This was a cool autumn day with a very cold, and heavy rain, that came out of nowhere. Like monsoon heavy rain that, after 10 minutes, was still coming down like a monsoon.


My Toyota Hatchback sports car wasn’t parked too far away so we decided to make a run for it.

Spontaneous romance in the car during a rain storm is on the list of amazing dates!

Spontaneous romance in the car during a rain storm is on the list of amazing dates!


I don’t know if that was the worst mistake we made or the best one as the parking lots were absolutely flooded in several inches deep of water. Every step we ran splashed even more water on us. We had nothing on but jeans, short sleeve shirts, and light jackets.


By the time we were inside the car we were drenched. I looked around and said there’s no way we’re going anywhere because I couldn’t see any more than a good 12 inches out any window.


She didn’t argue. When I saw her shivering, I was reminded that I had a blanket in the hatch-back part of my car.


So I turned around, put down the back seats, and suggested we take off our jackets to cuddle under the cover. We could lay down such that our heads were under the window, watching the rain hit it like being under Niagara Falls.


I don’t remember how long the rain lasted, but I remember hearing it in between our soft, intimate conversations; between the cuddles which became closer and closer;


At some point the rain did die back to a heavy drizzle with some thunder tossed in to the mix.


At some point at least half of the parking lot had emptied out.


At some point it had gotten dark.


What really made that date special is at some point, we just didn’t care.


4) Dancing Lessons

Private dance lessons blossomed into an amazing date!

Private dance lessons blossomed into an amazing date!

There’s a first time for everything, and this is no exception. A lady I had been talking to online for years (but never met) invited me to her hometown for her college graduation. They were having a special ballroom dance, and she had nobody to go with. So she asked if I would be her partner. I told her I had no idea how to ballroom, but she assured me she would give me some lessons.


This sounds like a prequel to the show “Dancing With The Stars” doesn’t it? Anyway, we met and got on really well. It wasn’t long there after she kept her promise and was giving me the lessons I needed.


In between watching her move about gracefully, trying to get my left-right-left foot movements properly coordinated with her right-left-right movements, and my extreme concentration to learn as much as possible, I was really enjoying myself.


She was too.


I was living a dream… here I had a foxy country chic, opening up my eyes to new experiences, and showing me new things, because on her special dance night, she wanted *ME* to be her man on the dance floor.


I not only remember the time we shared from the lessons leading up to the great dancing that night, but to this day I still remember the slooooow-slooooow-quick-quick foxtrot steps, slooooow-slooooow-quick-quick-slooooow tango steps, one-two-three-one-two-three waltz, and (what has since become my favorite) the step-step-rock-step swing moves.


5) Paintball Shoot Out

I will never forget the laughter, smiles, and utter satisfaction I heard while with this lady. She came from a country where you can’t just walk into any K-mart, Walmart, Target, or similar store, pay $150, and walk out with a paintball gun and plenty of ammunition. She (like most non-Americans) just didn’t understand why it’s so great to have them freely available.


So one afternoon while she was visiting I told her I’m going to take her into the backyard, set up some targets, and we’re going to shoot them.


The targets comprised of empty soda cans, empty plastic gallon jugs, and empty beer bottles.


I presented her with my own paintball gun, gassed up, fully charged, and over 200 paintballs ready to be shot.

A woman who wants to shoot. So sexy. Such an amazing date!

A woman who wants to shoot is so sexy and led to such an amazing date!


I went first, showing her the basics.


Then I handed the paintball gun over to her…


“Can I shoot?”


“Yes, but at the targets.”


She started pulling the trigger…




…she hit three targets…


Dink! Dank! DOINK!


…then it happened as I knew it would…


“Haaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Wheeeeee!”




Dink! Dank! Ker-plunk! Pow! Doink-doink! BOOM! Tinkle! Tinkle! Crash!


She ripped up the targets, changed the color of the grass from green to multiple shades of red and blue, and painted her name across a few tree trunks.


Only one thing stopped her:

Click! Click! Click! Click!

“Oh no! What happened with this?”

“You ran out of paintballs.”

“Can I shoot more?”


Her very question triggered my attraction to her, which only grew with intensity, and alas, not only was this another amazing date, but a lot more amazing dates ensued.


Ladies, take note. Regardless of where you stand on the gun debate issue, there’s just something so sexy to a man about a woman who shoots guns. I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard a man say, “Look at her shoot that gun. That’s soooo disgusting. Who would want to date her?”


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