A Day’s End from His Point of View

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A Day’s End — as told from His Point of View

A fictional writing whose events are based on those from A Day’s End – as told from Her Point of View.


Dinner made. Time to chill until she arrives home.


I think I’m going to continue reading that great book. Pulling it off the table, I decide her chair looks the most inviting to quickly get through a few chapters.


No sooner had I started the next chapter when the front door opens.


I look up just in time to hear it slam shut with her leaning against it. Her eyes are closed, and she looks like she’s had a heck of a day. She doesn’t know how much I enjoy looking at her, even with her hair ruffled by the weather and her coat slightly askew.


My thoughts get interrupted when I see her eyes open, finding mine. I can’t control the smile that my face instantly forms.


“You ok?” I ask her.


“Ugh. Tired.” she replies. Her words not quite matching the smile that creeps onto her face as she looks over at me. “I’m glad you’re here. How are things with you?”


“Hmmm…” – my thoughts are momentarily distracted as I look down at my book again, trying to find the paragraph where I left off. “All right.” I say as I wonder if she’s going to kick me out of her favorite chair.


I can hear the grin in her response: “Good.”


Found it. The spot. Make a mental note. Bookmark. Where’s my bookmark?


As I look over to the side-table to see if it’s there, I see her going through her usual remove-her-heels-after-work motions.

Taking OffHeels

Ah! There’s my bookmark, but she’s already made the journey over to me.


“Yes?” I ask her non-chalantly, wondering if the couch is my next destination. Her eyes are beautiful, but they seem to be especially bright this evening.


“I miss you when I’m gone.”


Not quite what I was expecting. She doesn’t say that often, but I love it when she does.


I put the book down because I want a clear shot. “I miss you too.” I lean forward and give her a quick kiss before telling her, “I made spaghetti sauce. Want some now? I just need to cook up some noodles.”


She leans in and starts kissing me on my temples, lightly around my eyes, and concludes with one on my cheek.


I thought she was casually ignoring my question before she responds with a “Nah.”


Not that it was necessary as I’m pretty sure I know what’s on her mind.


But “Mmm…” is all I can manage. I love when she kisses me like that. Light like a feather, but firm. Her lips have just enough pressure that it feels like an eye massage.


I then feel movement. In a split second, she’s raised her skirt, and is kneeling on top, her legs on either side so as to hold me in.

Erotic Couple in Straddle

“Yes?” I ask as my hands find my way to her legs. They want to give the impression of offering her support, but they really just want to touch her. The look on my face probably gives my intentions away, but I don’t care.


“Do you mind?”


I can’t help but laugh to myself. What man would mind his woman getting playful with him? Her hand moves to cup my cheek for a moment. “No.”


“Okay” she says as she kisses me quickly, then suddenly pulls back giggling. I can’t help but giggle at her sitting there so adorably, yet also so sexy, on top of me.


She leans forward again and kisses me slowly this time. There’s no rush. I love how her kisses feel new and exciting; always different.

Erotic couple in red glow.

Our hands start exploring lightly, then hugging tight. I slowly move my hands from her back to under her sweater, then around to the front, feeling her breasts through her bra. Her bare skin is warm and slightly damp from sweat. While I was distracted, she has somehow unbuttoned my shirt and is kissing my chest.


As I move my hands towards her long legs, she starts to play with one of my nipples. She’s driving me wild. An “mmm” escapes me as I pull her tighter. Her hair smells so good and I kiss it lightly as she moves across to the other nipple, her hands slowly moving towards my buttocks.


“Hey, my turn” I say to her as I lift up her sweater. She finishes for me by playfully lifting it up over her head and throwing it onto the couch. I go to kiss her breasts above her bra, and then through the lace. I know she loves that sensation, and fully responds by moving closer to stroke my back and kiss me on the mouth.

Erotic couple in red glow


I reach towards her skirt, slipping my hand under and moving it up slowly along the outside of her thigh. I find the top of her stocking, slip a finger under and move to the – “Garter belt?” I’m surprised, she has never worn one before.


She smiles cheekily back at me. I catch a glimpse of that “Gotcha!” look before she starts leaning forward to kiss me on my forehead.


“Mmm-hmm” is her suave reply.


I move my hands up further, exploring her amazingly long and smooth legs as I find her breast with my mouth. I seem to be distracting her now and she stays still, only her hands stroking my back and shoulders firmly.


My hands move higher now, before pausing right there.


Another surprise! I look up at her. “No underwear?” I ask, not needing an answer.


She opens her eyes and looks down at me with a smile.


“You mind?” she replies as she leans down to kiss me lightly, a devilish grin flashing across her face. I’m lost for words as I gaze up into those sparkling eyes, her face so innocent.


“No, I don’t mind” I finally mumble as if there would be any other response for such a question. She kisses me quickly, leaning back to look into my eyes… “Good”… before another kiss, longer this time.


I move my hips forward, my hands on her hips pulling her down against me.


“Here?” I ask her as she pulls her skirt out of the way and begins to rub herself against where I’m hard and protruding through my jeans.


“Mm-hmm” she sighs.


I try to sound surprised with an “oh”.


I don’t know why because honestly, we both know I had no intentions of moving.


We continue to hold each other, kissing and hugging, moving in rhythm. Her legs are rubbing against my jeans.


Eventually she unzips them.


I pull my jeans and shorts out of the way, allowing her to relax down onto me, drawing me up within her.


I’m inside, continuing the rhythm we had begun earlier, feeling it build. She pushes herself further down onto me, the intensity becoming unbearable. I arch back, pushing further into her as she starts clenching and unclenching around me, gripping me tighter, then relaxing.


“God…” I groan in absolute pleasure, pulling her closer, my breath heavy in her ear, moving frantically inside her now. An “Ohh…” escapes her uncontrollably.

Man Woman On Chair Under Red Glow

“Orgasm” is such a pale word for what we experience.


I move over a little, giving her room to sit beside me.


We’re both panting as we hold each other, bodies warm, embracing in the chair.


She is still.


I don’t want to move either.


Unless, of course, it’s to start over…



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