Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 13

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Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 13

Dating sites/apps come; dating sites/apps go. There’s such a plethora of choice out there!


And it was on one of those I met “Lisa”.


This is a relatively short story, because, well, the time with Lisa was really short. If you’ve ever gone on a date with someone who seemed flakey or unprepared, but really wasn’t, this is dedicated to you.


The Set Up

I had a good sporting event on one day; Lisa was having a meeting at a Rugby sporting club the same day. We both figured we could probably use a sugar rush afterwards, so we decided to meet up over some sweets at 7:30pm one evening.


T-Minus… err …PLUS… 10 minutes.


I arrived at 7:30pm.

7:35pm: I’m looking around for her.

7:40pm: I see a message from her sent at 7:35 saying she would be there in 10 minutes.

7:45pm: I’m looking around for her again.

7:50pm: the excitement wears off.

7:55pm: I’m just about ready to leave when a message from Lisa comes in. She’s looking for parking and will be there in 2 minutes.

8:00pm: Lisa finally arrives.


She Apologizes But Get This!

Lisa apologized for being late. However, you want to know what she did?

She did what!

She scheduled the date at a time when she knew she would be late!


Of course you do or you wouldn’t be reading this.


Her meeting at the Rugby club was scheduled to go until 7:30pm, and she thought it would only take her 10 minutes to get to our meeting location.


Are you comprehending this?


Lisa scheduled to meet a first date knowing she would be late.




Why not just say 8pm if you know your previous engagement is going until 7:30pm?


Back to the Date

It didn’t last long. Honestly I was a little annoyed with her scheduling. So I brought things to a close around 8:30pm.


The bill was left on our table.


We’re going to pay and…


What she did was LEGEN- *wait for it* -DARY


We’re going to pay.


(wait for it)


She begins pulling out her wallet.


(wait for it)


She opens it and says:


(wait for it)


“I don’t have any money or cards with me.”

WTF did she do!


She pulled out her wallet, and opened it saying, “I don’t have any money or cards with me.”


She wasn’t even surprised when she said it.


She knew she had no money, and came anyway.


I’ve learned to read those signs now.


Boy and Girl on Bench

My kids will have better mannerisms than this lady did.

The Upbringing

You can tell a lot about a woman and her upbringing by her actions and manners. I certainly wouldn’t want any wife of mine to raise our kids with such manners and behaviour-isms.


Your Turn!

Does anyone know of a good, classy, single woman to introduce me to?
Or at this rate should I just get a few pets?


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