Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 04 1

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This is the fourth installment chronicling my experiences dating women and dating games women play. Read the previous chapter if you need to catch up.

I’ll call this chapter, “FYI: You’re Much Better In Person”.

Kings Park - the largest City Park in the world
I met “Elise” online through one of Australia’s largest dating websites: Obviously this isn’t one of their many “success” stories.

We exchanged several fun emails and shared a few phone conversations over the course of approximately 2 weeks. Since she didn’t seem like she belonged to any organized crime syndicate, I wanted to catch up with her in person to see if chemistry was there.


Kings Park

We met in Perth’s Kings Park on a bright Saturday afternoon. The weather was perfect, so we went for a leisurely walk before sharing a small picnic while taking in the views. In all, we had a nice time together before parting ways.

We both (keyword there. Keep that in mind) verbally said we’d like to catch up again.

Here I am thinking, “Great!”


The Unexpected Surprise

Shortly after leaving (like within the hour), she sent me an unexpected text message:

“FYI – you’re much better in person.”

So readers, if you were to receive such a message from someone after you’ve met them for the first time, what would you think?

Maybe you’d be excited? Or at least have a smile on your face? Maybe you’d be thinking something along the lines that your date is at least interested enough to catch up with you again?


A Second Date?

Having been out with friends until Sunday evening, I called her late Monday morning in hopes of securing another date.

My nervous but excited fingers started pushing the appropriate buttons on my phone to call her.




  Voicemail… please leave a message.

I left what I thought to be an upbeat, casual message asking how her Sunday was, and suggesting we should catch up again soon.

How fast did she get back to me?


Faster Than Melting Butter With a Blowtorch

Not 5 minutes later I receive a text message from her saying, “I’m going to have to say no to catching up with you again.”

Nobody can call me too picky after this experience! So who else has experienced this kind of dating game?

1)     She tells me she’d like to see me again.

2)     She sends me a text message saying she thinks I’m much better in person.

3)     Then when I call to set up a second date she obviously ignores the call, listens to the voice message, and responds immediately declining all further catch ups.

At least the bright side to all this when I finally find “the one”, I’ll truly appreciate the catch!

Has anyone else had this much fun finding their perfect partner? 🙂


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