Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 03 7

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Dating Women and Dating Games

This is the third installment chronicling my experiences on dating women and dating games. Here is Part 02 if you missed it.

This chapter, “So are we going on a second date or not?”, involved meeting someone through someone. I had written an article in the local paper about the dating scene from a man’s point of view.

One respondent said she’d like to set me up with one of her friends, “Narelle”. She told me Narelle was a cool person with a great, all around personality.

Why not eh?

The Date

I received Narelle’s contact information and started exchanging emails with her. Before I knew it, I was meeting Narelle on a Wednesday night. She was taking public transport into the city, so I met her at the train station. We walked to a pub, and shared a few drinks and nibbles before having an easy conversation over dinner.

90 minutes later, I offered to walk Narelle back to the train station, showing her a few sights within the city along the way before heading home myself.


Not Even 24 Hours Later

An emergency came up with work early the following morning. I was so busy with it I didn’t have time to even check my email or think about calling anyone.

Around 2pm, my phone beeps letting me know a text message came in from Narelle; I quickly read it.

Now, a question I pose to my readers. You have a nice date with someone. What kind of follow up message would you expect? Something along the lines of, “I had a great time last night, and look forward to catching up again soon.” Or even, “Hi, how’s your day going?”

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 03
This is the one I received from Narelle verbatim:

“So are we going on a second date or not?”

Smooth huh?


But Wait

15 minutes later, I received a second message asking the same thing. If the first one didn’t put me off, the second one definitely was.

Still having to deal with the emergency at work, I didn’t even consider crafting some sort of reply.


60 Minutes After That

I receive another text message saying she didn’t think our lifestyles were compatible.


Okay Dave. Keep cool. Stay focused on work. Deep breath. Write her an email when you get home.


She Already Sent Me One!

Before going any further, take 3 guesses to what the email was about.


Her message detailed things she didn’t like that I did on the date.

We’re not talking about things like I brought up an ex-girlfriend, or chewed with my mouth open.

Those I could understand. However, her list included stuff like the following:

  1. I didn’t drink enough. Apparently, my choice of having soda and water with my meal wasn’t good enough. It should have been wine and/or beer even though I was driving home.
  2. During our meal she asked me if I’ve been on many dates. I responded that I’ve met some nice women since relocating. According to her, that’s inappropriate to say because, “even though it may not be the case, everyone likes to feel like they’re your only date.” My friends and I have had debates as to why she would even ask that question if she wouldn’t like any answer except one where I would have to lie and say zero.

She concluded the message by saying that with her and her girlfriends, they always practice the common courtesy of letting people know if they intend to be seen again so people aren’t left wondering.

Then she finished with, “Maybe you need reminding of what it feels like to be left wondering…”


Holy Crazy-Lady Batman!

Let’s recount now. Within the span of 24 hours from when I saw her off:

  1. She sent two text messages wanting to know if we were going out again
  2. Sent a third message saying our life styles aren’t compatible
  3. Wrote an email explaining what I did wrong on our first and only date

In the nicest of ways, I wrote an email trying to explain to her that no, I don’t need to know what it’s like to be left wondering, that I was extremely busy at work because of an emergency, and didn’t think anyone required some sort of formal notification within 24 hours if there was going to be another date. I concluded the message by thanking her for the time out and wishing her well on her search.

Narelle wrote back saying, “My my my… getting defensive aren’t we?”


At least Batman got to deal with the sexy cat-woman.

Am I too picky? Has anyone else experienced similar dating games from women (or men)? What would you have done after receiving those text messages and that first date analysis?

Leave your comments below! I promise I won’t get “too defensive”. 🙂


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