Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 02 8

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Dating Women and Dating Games

This is the second installment chronicling my experiences from dating women and dating games women play. Some friends laugh at my use of “experiences”, instead referring to them as “war stories”. Read the first if you need to get caught up.

Let’s start on Common Ground

There’s an invisible threshold most of us cross at some stage in life where we decide we want a partner who’s both reliable and dependable. The kind that when they say they will be somewhere or will do something, they actually follow through.

Right now I bet more women than men are nodding their heads in agreement, which makes this experience so ironic.

In the beginning…

I met “Sara” at a friend’s party. Having got on really well, we made plans to catch up again within a few days.

A few days rolled around, and Sara called about 10 minutes after we were supposed to meet. I was expecting her to let me know she was running a tad bit late.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Instead, she phoned to let me know she was cancelling. As if she didn’t know this 20 minutes earlier?

Start the game play

Dating women and dating games women play.Sara was courteous enough to apologize, and wanted to make it up to me. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, we rescheduled for a few days later.

When it came time to meet Sara the second time around, she phoned an hour beforehand to let me know that she’d be unable to make it (at least it was before this time instead of after. An improvement?), asking if we can postpone until later in the evening as she was late with some errands.

Whelp, the evening rolled around, and (who didn’t see this coming?) she cancelled again 5 minutes before via text message.

The Bitch Slap

When Sara called me the next day asking to reschedule, in a straight, monotone voice I said:

“No thank you. I already have enough flakes in my cereal.”

To all my readers, commit that line to memory and use it when appropriate. It’s the ultimate bitch-slap on someone that treats you in a similar manner they just simply do not know how to respond to.

Anyway, Sara wasn’t too happy about that crack. I didn’t care. She was obviously playing dating games. I’m not.


The Irony of it all?

She’s probably telling her friends I’m the game player.

Where are the women who aren’t?

Am I too picky for wanting someone who’s reliable and dependable?

Let me know by leaving your comments below!

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