The Bachelor: Blake Garvey and Sam Frost

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“The Bachelor” Controversy


Season 2 of Australia’s “The Bachelor” ended with Blake Garvey (31) proposing to Sam Frost (25). The weekend before the final episode aired on tv, Blake broke off the engagement. Sam Frost is appalled, public sentiment seemingly supports Sam as Blake becomes “Australia’s Most Hated Man”.


Let the controversy ensue…


…and the reality check.


Everyone went onto “The Bachelor” knowing how the show works, and what happens. All the ladies knew that

Will You Accept This Rose?

Will you accept this Rose?

since everyone was being followed by cameras all day, every day, everything would potentially be seen by viewers across Australia.


In the end, Sam was given the final rose, and proposed to, by Blake.


Several weeks went by with Blake realizing, after being brought back to reality, that he didn’t love Sam as a romantic partner. So he did the honorable thing and broke it off.


As anyone should do.


Not according to Sam.


She’s referred to him as everything from “Blake the Fake” to calling him a “Jackass” during an interview.


Sam is bad mouthing Blake every chance she gets, to anyone or anything that will listen.


Event that transpiredSam’s actions
You went on the show knowing full well what it was about, how it worked, the dates, the eliminations.You call him a jackass.
You two get caught up in the emotions. He proposes; you accept.You call him a jackass.
By your own words, you and Blake never had sex even though you slept in the same room.You call him a jackass.
When he got to know the real you after the cameras stopped, and realized it wouldn’t work, he mustered the courage to break things off with you.You exclaim, “how dare you propose!” and then call him a jackass.
No t.v. or radio footage has aired to date of Blake bad-mouthing any of the ladies on the show, including you.You’ve referred to him as “Blake the Fake” and called him a jackass.


People break up all the time. Even engaged couples.


At what point did Sam reject the hypothesis that she’s possibly too immature and/or inexperienced to understand this?


Yes, she’s now lost her “engagement virginity”. So what? I understand she only wanted to be engaged once and married once. Would she rather have had a marriage that lasted less than Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries?


Blake has done nothing but treat Sam with dignity and respect in the media; she continues to bad-mouth him.


Her true colors are shining. Sam, you’re supposed to be 25 years old. But your behavior is more like a spoiled 16 year-old who didn’t get her way. You’re coming across as neither classy nor respectable.




I would like to congratulate Sam for being the first woman I’m awarding the honorary “Flying Bitch Slap” to.


Let me do this “The Bachelor” style:


Samantha Frost, will you accept this Flying Bitch Slap?

Flying Bitch Slap


What I can’t believe is all the single men inviting Sam Frost to Perth.




Lisa Hyde and Jess Jones are the ladies that should be invited to Perth.


Anyone disagree with me?


Feel free to leave your comments below!


In the meantime, it’s back to some more non-judgmental writing… 🙂


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