Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 05 6

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 05

This is the fifth installment (did you miss Part 04?) chronicling my experiences with dating women and dating games.

This chapter, “That was Width, Height, and Depth?!” is one of those scenarios where you learn a lesson which should have been obvious to start with. But if any of you reading this are like me, you have a basic, assumed trust in humanity. So much so someone doesn’t even consider the possibility of this happening to them.

She “Fit” the Profile

Dating women and dating games - part 05

I received a communication from “Stacey” through another online dating website while living in Brisbane, Australia.

Her initial email was decent enough, so I checked out her profile. It was standard run-of-the-mill accompanied with 3 photos which were classy — good eye contact, two pictures of her being herself, and one of her in a dress that was captioned with “My sister’s wedding”. She didn’t come across as a beauty queen, but her photos were easy enough to look at and she looked like she was quite active. In short, they were advocating what I am looking for in a woman.

Let me clarify: almost everything.

Who Are You?

After exchanging numerous email messages, I spoke to Stacey on the phone and we both wanted to catch up over lunch.

I arrived about 8 minutes early at the designated meeting location. While waiting for Stacey to arrive, a lady approached me, said hi, and started talking to me like we know each other.

Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize her. Even when she first said hi to me, I was confused, wondering who the heck she was.

Until she told me her name — it was Stacey!

The Three Dimensions

Dating women and dating games - part 05 - three dimensionsIn the process of greeting her, I literally took a step back, and did a double-take. I wish someone had recorded the look on my face, because I would love to have a laugh at the expression I’m sure I conveyed.

“How old are those photos in your profile?” I asked.

“Umm… well, the one from my sister’s wedding was taken 7 years ago. And the…”

Let me give you some context to paint a visual. In her photos, she had a toned build much like myself. Stacey’s profile listed her as being approximately 5 foot 6 inches.

After meeting her, I couldn’t tell if that measurement was referring to her height, width, or depth.

I told Stacey I was canceling lunch because I felt she purposely misled me.

Who’s Going to Rip Into Me?

I can hear people screaming now, “You wouldn’t have done that if she turned out to be an absolute hottie!”

Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn’t.

We’ll never know since I’ve never been the victim of such a crime.

Lesson Learned

Always ask to see a recent photo, or ask how old the online photos are, especially if they’re not labeled or captioned. Ladies, it’s a good idea for you to do the same because from what I understand, it’s unfortunate that a lot of men mislead women too with their photos.

In today’s technological savvy world, if people can’t, or won’t, provide a recent photo, especially when it’s easier now than ever before with today’s phones, those people are hiding something.

I’ve learned the lesson, and thankfully haven’t experienced such an ordeal since.

Have you or do you know of anyone who’s had a similar experience? Leave a comment and share your story below!


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  • Asha

    Had a similar date, only the guy picked me up from my apartment. What an awkward dinner. We had to ask to be moved from a booth because he couldn’t fit in it. :-\ I was too in shock to ask questions or comment on the pictures he had sent me, but let’s just say “average” was not an accurate description for his body type as listed in his profile.

    • David Lozinski

      Wow. That sounds like a waste of a few hours you’ll never get back. How did you handle it? If that were to happen again do you think you’d cancel and not bother going out? Or would you suck it up and sit through it again?

      • Asha

        I pushed through it, although our conversation was almost non-existent. He also pressured me to drink, of which I don’t like to do when a stranger is driving me around. Date rape still happens. I was relieved when dinner was over and I got home. About 5 days later, he asked how I thought it went and I was honest but very nice about it. I told him I didn’t feel a spark of chemistry, and he goes, “Yeah, me neither. I wasn’t really attracted to you.” Pissed me off. At least I didn’t portray myself in a dishonest light.

  • Lunchtime so looked at your blog cos I’m bored and its an early day.
    Did you know there’s another Dave lozinski with a twitter/blog acct as well?

    I’ve had the opposite experience. Someone who contacted me and arranged lunch at an expensive hotel decided he didn’ want to go ahead after he saw me.. Apparently. my profile pic had straight long hair. He was very dissapointed when I turned up at lunch with wavy long hair as he didn’t like women with curls. Shallow and definitely not worth the effort. Honestly …hair type?

    • David Lozinski

      Did you know there’s another Dave lozinski with a twitter/blog acct as well?

      No I didn’t. So many people wanting to be me… 😉

      As for your experience, I can’t believe he wouldn’t go ahead because you had wavy hair. A woman with wavy hair… mmm… yum. But still, it’s not like your pic had long hair and you showed up with a buzz cut? Or extremely curly hair? Wavy to me isn’t curls, but each to their own.

      Sorry you had that experience. If you ever want to go to lunch with long, wavy hair and are in Perth, lemme know. 😉

  • GoRetroPam

    Dishonest and misleading. I’ve heard (and have experienced) men doing this online but this is the first time I’ve heard of a woman doing it, although I knew a strange woman from one of my Meetup groups that lied about her age by a good eight years. Who do these people think they’re fooling?