Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 01 6

Dating Women and Dating Games

I’m going to share some of my experiences from dating women and dating games encountered. Those of us who are single are typically surrounded by friends who are attached or have families. They laugh at our experiences, and it almost always invariably comes back to us that we’re “too picky”.

Crown Princess Mary and Prince Federick

Prince Federik and Princess Mary. If only there were more women like her in Australia.

Yeah, right.

Has anybody else noticed how anyone who’s 30-plus and single is “too picky”? It’s not like the person we were out with has green eyes as opposed to brown eyes. Oh no. Because then we would be “too shallow”.

I came to Australia excited at the possibility to finding a bride-to-be.  If Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark can find Princess Mary in Australia, I should be able to find such a woman. Plus I wouldn’t force her to renounce her citizenship or learn a new language – I’d actually prefer it if she speaks English.

Common Dating Games

Alas, what I’ve experienced is the significant amount of women in Australia who are far too dependent upon game playing than I could have ever imagined! Mind you I am not saying all women; I just seem to have had more than my fair share.

What do I mean by games? Not your basic run-of-the-mill, “wait 2 days before returning his call”.

I’m talking about games where:

  1. women cancel on you at the last minute numerous times. It’s almost like they have a betting club going on – let’s see who can cancel the latest the most.
  2. they tell you on a date they would love to see you again, but then shortly after send a text message saying they don’t want to see you again
  3. you’re having a nice time with them on a date and the woman says she really isn’t over her last boyfriend, but needs to find someone to settle with because her biological clock is ticking.

Some people say I am too picky, but those same people are usually the ones in relationships who have no idea what it’s actually like out in today’s dating world. Several friends have reiterated to me over and over that I should write a book chronicling my more … *ahem* … “hilariously outrageous adventures” … to let you decide.

Starting now…
Dating Games and Dating Women

Let the Games Begin! Roll the Dice!

“Kathy” I met on online, and then in person a week later. It was during this date where it came out in conversation, “By the way, I’m going overseas for at least 8 months — leaving in two weeks.”

I blinked as I thought, “then why are you looking to meet local men? Can I invoice you for the cost of contacting you?”

Who would want to date someone, if you can really call it that, who’s leaving to go overseas for at least 8 months? Am I too picky for wanting someone who will actually be local and available to date?

Maybe I am and that was my mistake, because by the time you read this, it’s over 8 months later, and well… here I am writing a blog. 🙂

Am I too picky? What would you have done? Leave your comments below!


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  • “Burnadette”

    I am wondering if these women are picking up the wrong clues from you. If perhaps you come across as the flaky one? If you start talking commitment right away, I’m seeing red flags that you are just telling me what I want to hear to get me in bed. Also, women like confidence but not a man that thinks his sh** don’t stink. Your blog posts sound as though you might be somewhat of a conceited arse-just being honest. Of course, I’ve never spoken to you so I might be way off but I’m tellin’ it like I see it. Do you start throwing out these expectations before you’ve gotten to know the women you date? Expectations are fine, but do you live up to everyone’s expectations of you? If your soul mate HAS TO HAVE all those qualities, prepare to be a lonely old man. A man loving someone for their imperfect self is the biggest turn-on for women. If I had to worry that a man has a checklist in his back pocket (so to speak) during our date, I’d be a nervous flake too. What if I met 8 of the 10 criteria? I’m still worried about the other 2, probably obsessed about them because I am a woman.

    • David Lozinski

      If you start talking commitment right away

      Absolutely not! When I go out on a first or second date it’s purely to have fun and keep the conversations light, fun, and casual.

      Do you start throwing out these expectations before you’ve gotten to know the women you date?

      Again absolutely not! Very few friends even knew of this “list” before I posted it, so even the women I’ve gone out on dates with wouldn’t have known about it. I have never gone into a date asking questions and rumbling through a checklist. I like to just have fun, keep things casual, and see if there’s chemistry. Stuff comes out normally through fun conversations.

      The only way there would have been any sort of “list” before a date is when I’ve been on a dating website with a profile and mentioned stuff like, “I’m looking for a woman who’s never been married, active, adventurous, wanting a long term …. ”

      You bring up valid points about the checklist. But in all honesty I don’t mention a checklist, “interrogate women on a date”, or other things. I’ve been on dates where I’ve been asked similar things point-blank. I try to keep keep things light, flowing, and fun.

      Let’s go out some time so you can either confirm or deny this for the rest of my readers. 😉

      • “Burnadette”

        I would love to! The next time you are in Michigan, that is. ha ha

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