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The Monogamish

The “monogamish” relationship – is it for you?

The “monogamish” relationship – is it for you? Monogamish, initially coined by Dan Savage, came about because the modern monogamous marriage is facing a time of crisis. This crisis knows no geographical bounds, affecting young and old couples alike with divorce rates are hovering above 40% in many areas of […]

Sharing Sexual Fantasies

Sharing Sexual Fantasies Taking time for sharing sexual fantasies with your spouse or partner can be a great way to spice up your sex life. It’s teasing, great foreplay, intimate, and can definitely reignite any fires which are burning low.   “Some of the best moments in life are ones […]

Sharing Sexual Fantasies

Your partner is kissed by another. Would you want to know?

Let’s discuss a very interesting scenario, which goes like this: you’re in an exclusive, committed relationship with someone. One day, or night, your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is out somewhere without you. It could be at a sports bar watching a game, having a good night dancing, at an awards ceremony, hiking with […]

Sex Mistakes Women Make 2

Sex Mistakes Women Make When it comes to long-term relationships, one of the joys – and subsequent pitfalls – is that partners get very comfortable with each other. From the kitchen to the couch to the bedroom, over time we learn what our partner likes and we don’t have to […]

Mood Killers 7

Mood Killers I was out catching up with some lady friends recently when the conversation, not unexpectedly, turned to sex. I’m all up for some good discussions, debates, and insightful views on the topic. And guys: listening to women talk about sex is a great way to learn what women […]

Tips for Attracting Quality Men Online, Part 02 18

Tips for Attracting Quality Men Online, Part 02   This article continues my tips for attracting quality men online. Part 01 can be found here if you missed it:   Thus far we’ve discussed profile names and various tips for improving the photos you post. Specifically what to do […]

Cohabitate Before Marriage: Yes or No? 9

A reader, “Helen”, started a good discussion point on my, “10 Things I’m Looking For In A Woman“. Her comment was:   Co-habitation/living together (in blogs) by single women have been cited as an expectation within a year of relationship, possibly children and marriage within 5 years, how do you […]