A Day’s End from Her Point of View 1

A Days End — as told from Her Point of View One of my many fictional writings originally published on http://www.davelozinski.com/interests/Stories/stories.php   Gosh, what a day. I’m tired. Work sucks. I let the door slam behind me and lean against it, eyes shut. I open them after a few seconds and look around to see […]

Erotic Couple in Straddle

How I felt after this episode

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 10 1

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 10 Given the horrendous experience from my last posting (http://blogs.davelozinski.com/datingandrelationships/dating-women-and-dating-games-part-09), here’s a story that’s definitely not as graphic. Or as crazy. I’ll call this story, “No capacity for anything further”.   It started one Saturday night in August. I flew into Melbourne to spend a week at one of […]

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 09

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 09   WARNING! It’s both Friday the 13th AND a full moon. As a result, this story is probably the most horrific yet, so I have to start out with a warning: this isn’t a bedtime story. Relatively speaking, graphic language, pictures, and descriptions ensue.     Catch up […]


Woman Walking Home Alone

Mood Killers 4

Mood Killers I was out catching up with some lady friends recently when the conversation, not unexpectedly, turned to sex. I’m all up for some good discussions, debates, and insightful views on the topic. And guys: listening to women talk about sex is a great way to learn what women want sexually. Anyway, one of […]

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 08 1

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 08 My epic journey of dating women and dating games continues in this “tale of two people from two cities”: me in Perth; “Lucinda” in Sydney. Opposite sides of the great Australian island-continent. Catch up if you missed the previous installment: http://blogs.davelozinski.com/datingandrelationships/dating-games-part-07 Lucinda and I went through the typical […]

Bitch Slap #2

Dating Games 07 - 1 pawn amongst many

Dating Games, Part 07 1

Dating Games, Part 07 Here’s another story of some behaviour I just couldn’t get my head around. Did you miss the previous entry? This chapter is just weird, so we’ll leave its title as “Please don’t email me again.”   Warning Bells from the Start “Caitlyn” contacted me via email in response to a dating […]

5 More AMAZING Dates

5 More AMAZING Dates I didn’t expect to receive the amount of personal feedback I did from my 5 Amazing Dates (http://blogs.davelozinski.com/datingandrelationships/5-amazing-dates) article! Thank you! The comments I received I think can be broken down into two groups, summed up as follows from these: “I absolutely love the photos!!! And the Toyota date had me […]


Private dance lessons blossomed into an amazing date!

5 Amazing Dates

5 AMAZING Dates   There have been a lot of great, fantastic, memorable, and absolutely amazing dates I’ve shared with some wonderful ladies. Since it’s February… the month of love …I want to highlight some of the many. This is far from a complete list! I’m omitting their names so as not to offend their […]

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 06 2

Dating Women and Dating Games This is the sixth installment (did you miss Part 05?) chronicling my experiences with dating women and dating games. This chapter, “Foray Into Speed Dating”, was one of my first experiences with a speed dating event several years ago at Perth’s WACA. One of my friends invited me along on […]

Speed Dating

More Tips For Attracting Quality Men Online_02b

Tips for Attracting Quality Men Online, Part 02 14

Tips for Attracting Quality Men Online, Part 02   This article continues my tips for attracting quality men online. Part 01 can be found here if you missed it: http://blogs.davelozinski.com/datingandrelationships/tips-for-attracting-quality-men-online-part01 Thus far we’ve discussed profile names and various tips for improving the photos you post. Specifically what to do and what not to do. Now […]