A Day’s End from His Point of View

A Day’s End — as told from His Point of View A fictional writing whose events are based on those from A Day’s End – as told from Her Point of View.   Dinner made. Time to chill until she arrives home.   I think I’m going to continue reading that great book. Pulling it […]

Boy and Girl on Bench

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 13

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 13 Dating sites/apps come; dating sites/apps go. There’s such a plethora of choice out there!   And it was on one of those I met “Lisa”.   This is a relatively short story, because, well, the time with Lisa was really short. If you’ve ever gone on a date […]

Why Are You Single 2

Why Are You Single?   If you’re a somewhat decent human being complete with friends, family, a good life, but are unattached, you probably get asked this from time to time.   “Why Are You Single?”   This question presents a quandary to those who are asked: while it is a sort-of compliment, it is […]


Holiday wreathe and the holiday spirit.

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 12 4

Dating is certainly adventurous, especially when meeting potential partners online. Let me make a slight change to the Forrest Gump quote: “[Online Dating] is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”   We’re going to move from the woman who claimed she wasn’t into playing games (http://blogs.davelozinski.com/dating/dating-women-dating-games-part-11) to another woman […]

Asking a Friend of a Date, out on a Date 14

Asking a friend of someone you went on a date with, out on a date How many of you have gone on a date with someone in which nothing romantically developed any further? But then a few weeks later you saw or met someone who is a friend of that person you went out with […]

Asking a friend of a date on a date

Charm and romance is nice. Sometimes.

Sex Mistakes Women Make 2

Sex Mistakes Women Make When it comes to long-term relationships, one of the joys – and subsequent pitfalls – is that partners get very comfortable with each other. From the kitchen to the couch to the bedroom, over time we learn what our partner likes and we don’t have to stress about the possibility of […]

Positive Reinforcement. Because We Need More Than, “I Love You”

Positive Reinforcement. Because We Need More Than, “I Love You” Girl meets boy; boy meets girl.   Both are so happy and giddy.   The compliments pour in: “The dinner you cooked last night was amazing!” “I love how you did that.”   Fast forward several months: “You’re using the wrong knife to cut the […]

I love you is not enough

Blond Woman

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 11

Dating Women and Dating Games, Part 11   So let’s move on (http://blogs.davelozinski.com/dating/dating-women-dating-games-part-10) to this woman who claimed:   “I’m not into playing games”   As you’ll soon read, actions speak louder than words.   Tick. Tock. The “Biological Clock”   If there’s one thing men are well aware of when it comes to dating, […]

The Bachelor: Blake Garvey and Sam Frost

“The Bachelor” Controversy   Season 2 of Australia’s “The Bachelor” ended with Blake Garvey (31) proposing to Sam Frost (25). The weekend before the final episode aired on tv, Blake broke off the engagement. Sam Frost is appalled, public sentiment seemingly supports Sam as Blake becomes “Australia’s Most Hated Man”.   Let the controversy ensue… […]

Will You Accept This Rose?

Erotic Couple in Straddle

A Day’s End from Her Point of View 1

A Day’s End — as told from Her Point of View One of my many fictional writings originally published on http://www.davelozinski.com/interests/Stories/stories.php   Gosh, what a day. I’m tired. Work sucks. I let the door slam behind me and lean against it, eyes shut. I open them after a few seconds and look around to see […]